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Best Hair Color Ideas For Dark Skin Tone : Let’s Discuss

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If you have a darker complexion and you are bored of having the same hair color, then you have to convince yourself for a while. You have been looking at yourself in the mirror with the same hair color, but now it’s time to change your hair color with a fresh look. 

Especially for black women, there are no rules and regulations to choosing a hair color. Even if you look at celebrities, then you can see there are no particular hair color shades that are suitable for them. 

Not only that but across the world, black women nowadays have great freedom when it comes to hair color choosing. But it is always recommended to always choose your hair color according to your skin complexion. 

When it comes to black women, then it is important to follow such hair colors that are the best for dark skin tones. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best hair color ideas for dark skin tones. 

Best Hair Color Ideas For Dark Skin Tone: Let’s Discuss

Below we have mentioned the best hair color ideas for dark skin tones.

1)Ashy Blonde

Blonde hair color is another suitable hair color for women with dark complexion’s women. The creamy blonde color on a dark skin tone will give you an amazing look. Not only that, but everyone around you will be a fan of your hair color. The creamy blonde shade is also known as an ashy blonde. Apart from that, it also neutralizes the red color that occurs naturally in our hair. 

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Other fashionable colors for dark skin tones are green, blue, and so on. In this case, if your skin complexion is golden rather than dark, then it will be the best suitable color. The warmer versions of the blue color are so attractive. \

The blue color will give you a cool vibe. On the other hand, if your complexion is under olive skin tone, then avoid green shade because it won’t be flattering on your dark skin tone. 


Red dye is always good and the best-suited hair color for a darker complexion. In this case, if your skin tone is darker complexion, then we will recommend you go with copper color. This shade is mainly perfect for a darker complexion because it looks natural. Apart from that, it appears like a beautiful red tone without coming off as too harsh.  

4)Jet Black

It will never go wrong if you dye your hair pure jet black. The color really makes your complexion brighter and more prominent. Apart from that, it makes your complexions brighter and clearer. 

Many hair experts say that after dying your hair with this jet black, it is important to wash your hair with a great conditioner. So your hair color looks very well and accentuates your darker skin complexion. 

On the other hand, if you are someone who constantly changes your hair color, then it may cause serious damage to your hair. Therefore it will be a suggestion for you to restore and repair your hair routine. 

5)Caramel Brown

If you put caramel brown hair color, then your darker complexion will pop out with some stunning inner glow. On the other hand, it looks younger and perfectly goes with your darker skin complexion. The caramel brown color is perfect for summer and winter because it really brings out your in a flourished manner. Apart from this, the caramel brown color gives you a beachy and summery vibe when you opt for this color. 


If you are bold and taking risks doesn’t be a big deal for you, then dying your hair with purple color is really very amazing. Your unfeared decision will make your style like a celebrity. 

In this case, you can choose either a deep or light shade of purple. This color is mainly oriented toward peace, pride, ambition, and luxury. Therefore if you don’t want to be a hidden person for your darker complexion, then dye purple hair color for flourishing out in this world.  

7)Warm Blonde

Many women of darker complexion love to apply warm blonde on their hair. It can be said that this shade is the top favorite shade of women with black complexion. On the other hand, it is mainly very difficult to determine the proper shade of blonde, like ashy or warm. 

The thing is, many love to dye ashy blonde, and many love to dye warm blonde. Therefore deciding the hair color which gives you a stunning look is mainly difficult to determine. 


We have mentioned the best hair colors that will be suitable for black complexion above in this article. It sometimes happens that black women don’t get confidence, which is why they always hide in front of people. But the above-mentioned hair color for morena skin will be the best suitable because those are suggested by experts. 

Thank you for reading till the end.  

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