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Health system – its scope

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Health is the basis of our good health. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the diseases afflict our society are due to a lack of access to contaminated drinking water and sanitation. In developing countries like India, more than half of all infant deaths each year are due to underlying or underlying factors – lack of proper sanitation and lack of appropriate healthcare regulations. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by the lack of adequate sanitation and the death of millions of children each year from diarrhoea alone. The practise of open defecation without using unhygienic toilets paves the way for the spread of various unhealthy ailments and creates a cycle of illness.

Raw toilets allow for the spread of odours and germs, but unhealthy toilet water closures block the passage of odours and germs.

Open defecation: The pathogenic bacteria in urine can enter a healthy person’s body through flies, food or water. One of the ways to prevent this is to build and use unhygienic toilets.
Health measures are usually efficient and effective in counteracting this cycle of infection, and the use of healthy toilets is the best solution.

In this regard, the practice of various healthcare regulations, which have played a leading role in health protection, is noteworthy.

Natural herbal remedies and hygiene regulations prevent the disease cycle and reduce herbal diseases’ incidence and transmission by a large percentage. As a result, the potential cost of treating the disease is saved, and the loss of labour is reduced. Also, the loss of boys’ and girls’ schooling decreases, and progress is made towards education. The use of such a sanitation system contributes in various ways to increase every family, community, and country’s financial well-being.

Due to the lack of a sanitation system, defecating in the nearby forest/railway line/roadside canal – dang, etc., can endanger human beings’ dignity in society, especially women.

Many people use raw toilets to avoid embarrassment, although this is not a healthy habit at all. Sanitary facilities and incredibly hygienic toilets help humanity’s social development by enhancing individuals and families’ social status in society.

Organic systems were initially thought to be exclusively human excreta. But in addition to the toilet, other environmental elements such as the sanitary system. Elimination of gutta-percha and liquid wastes, personal, household, food hygiene regulations, cleanliness of the environment, etc. In other words, the healing system ensures environmental well-being in our society and paves the way for holistic development in all aspects of human health, dignity, education, economy, etc.

One of the healthiest human rights, another aspect of the healing system is protecting privacy, dignity, and security. One of the foundations of prosperity is the pure drinking water and heating system.

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