Is the Fast-food you eat in your Daily Life Dangerous to your Health

According to nutritionists, eating fast food instead of traditional foods is harmful to health. Fast food does not have the essential nutrients needed by the body. This can lead to heart disease. A child who eats fast food regularly does not develop normally. This is because the child does not get the required calories and nutrients in proportion to the age. Excessive consumption of spices in fast food can also lead to cancer. In addition, large quantities of fast food can cause constipation, diarrhoea, stomach problems, indigestion, etc.

A recent study has found that children who overeat fast food have an ‘IQ’ Decrease. Lack of ‘IQ’ results in a delay in understanding anything. Children’s memory is impaired, and their ability to ask questions is impaired.

Most women in the city send their school-going children to fast food in a tiffin box. After all, mothers often don’t think what kind of problems can occur if the baby is fed fast food regularly. Getting into the habit of eating fast food can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

Nowadays, the belief in modernity is that no one wants to go to the kitchen. As a result of modernity, there is no end to the daily activities of human beings. As a result, people do not have much time to think about calories, dietary quality, etc. People’s lifestyles have changed. As a result, Chaomin, Maggi, Pizza, Burgers, Patties, Rolls, etc., have been added to the regular diet of human beings.

Under the influence of modernity, it is not acceptable to abandon traditional food and harm one’s health. But we also need to eat fast food. Therefore, keeping in view your health, you should prioritise fast food and traditional foods so that there is no shortage of essential nutrients for the body.

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