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Healthy Gulkand Benefits

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Gulkand, an ayurvedic remedy that originates from Indo-Persia It is made of freshly cut blooms of rose petals (of any variety/species) along with sugar. It is a potent medicinal ingredient that can aid in relieving or relieving various health issues. In summer, ayurvedic constituents such as Mukta Pishti and Praval Pishti are typically added to the sweet preserves to reduce excessive heat within the body.

It is a good source of carbohydrates, a macronutrient necessary for energy production, as well as diet fiber, which can help alleviate digestive issues. In this post you will discover the ten health benefits of gulkand. Continue reading to learn more!

What Is Gulkand?

Simply put the word gulkand means ayurvedic rose petal that is flavored and is akin to heaven. Gulkand is made of rose petals that are collected in their prime. The mixture is laid out in layers inside a wide-mouthed airtight container and then set in the sun for 6 to 7 hours per day for up to 3 weeks.

Then, the jar gets mixed using a wooden stick on alternate days. Following the completion of three weeks, the gulkand container is stored indoors. This way Gulkand’s cooling and properties are more durable.

Gulkand Benefits

1) Calorie-free Rich in nutrients

10-grams of Gulkand is equivalent to 30 calories. In that, the total amount of carbohydrate and dietary fiber amounts to 4.13-5.3 grams, and 0.85-1.7 grams respectively. The water content of Gulkand is approximately. 85-90%, and no cholesterol or fat.

Furthermore, rose petals contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals that is why one can reap additional Gulkand benefits.

2.) Help to treat mouth ulcers

The people who have a lot of body heat are often afflicted with mouth ulcers. Gulkand is a cooling agent that calms the burning sensation as well as the pain in the area of swelling.

3) It helps relieve menstrual issues

Women who experience large bleeding, excessive white discharge, or any other menstrual problems should take a look at including Gulkand within their food regimen. Gulkand soothes those muscles that are part of reproductive organs. Relaxation of muscles can ease cramps during menstrual cycles.

4.) Aids with mild to moderate constipation.

Gulkand helps to draw out water, which aids in softening stool, aiding in getting rid of constipation. Women who are pregnant typically suffer from constipation and bloating, and they should incorporate Gulkand within their food regimen.

5) Treats heartburn and acidity

Due to the cooling properties of Gulkhand It soothes the burning sensation that occurs in the throat. It also helps ease discomfort in the throat, indigestion and stomach aches. If you suffer from frequent acidity problems, it can help to reduce their dependence on anti-acids. So, those who suffer from acidity need to consume half to 1 tablespoon Gulkand at least once every day.

6) Treats minor hemorrhoids or bleeding piles

Constipation, especially when it is frequent and with low fiber intake is the main reason for piles. Gulkand helps in reducing swelling of hemorrhoids. A decrease in swelling can lower the pressure on the lower intestine, thus making it easier to pass stool.

Be aware that if the problem is serious, contact the doctor immediately to get immediate medical treatment and medications.

7) Help to eliminate the toxins

Gulkand contains antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help eliminate contaminants from the body.

8) Prevents bleeding from the nose

Nose Bleeding is common among children and adults, particularly in the summer heat. Gulkand is among the remedies at home to treat a bleeding nose. Take a tablespoon of Gulkand with milk during the summer months.

9) Helps to prevent body odor

Gulkand even stops excessive sweating since it creates cooling effects, thus making it less unpleasant to smell. Antimicrobial properties stop the growth of bacteria which cause unpleasant body odor.

10) It helps you sleep better

Consuming Gulkand is very beneficial for those who struggle with sleeping or are having a troubled sleep cycle. It is a natural cooling agent which helps you get a restful night’s sleep while making sure your body and mind remain at peace.

Gulkand Benefits for Hair

The pressure of work and a hectic lifestyle have led to hair loss becoming an issue for many people today.

Gulkhand offers a relaxing effect, eases stress and boosts blood flow. It helps strengthen hair follicles by stimulating natural growth.

Gulkand Benefits for Skin

Gulkand helps in the natural blood purification process that assists in eliminating undesirable toxins from the blood. The cooling, soothing properties reduces eye inflammation and redness.

Gulkand Benefits for Weight Loss

When you take a look at the amount of nutrients in Gulkand it is a complete absence of fats, making it an ideal choice to incorporate into your diet. Additionally, the carbs are rich and help to keep you energized, thus lessening the frequent sugar and snack cravings.

How to Make Gulkand

  • Get 35-40 fresh roses that are tightly packed petals.
  • Pick the petals, wash themand then rub dry with a muslin towel.
  • In a wide-mouthed jar place the rose petals on top and then pour a tablespoon of sugar on top. Repeat the arrangement until you’ve used all of the petals.
  • Sprinkle crushed cardamom for a more pronounced flavor.
  • You can also use jaggery or honey instead of sugar to create an alternative that is healthy to Gulkand.
  • Pack it tightly with the lid, and then place the container in sunlight to last for 7 to 10 days.
  • Once it is prepared, you can use it and put it in the refrigerator.

Summing Up On Gulkand Benefits

Gulkand is an incredibly sweet preserve made of rose petals is an ayurvedic treatment and a traditional Indian recipe used for treating skin conditions constipation, gastritis, dysmenorrhea, ulcers acne, bad smell, palpitations, nasal bleeding, hypertension, stress and more. Gullkand is among the healthiest foods that you can consume. Apart from improving your overall health, it’s good for your skin.

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