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Hellbound Is Netflix’s Most Viewed Original Series Globally, Replacing Squid Game

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This Monday, it was revealed that Hellbound had surpassed Squid Game as the most-watched show on the site within 24 hours of its premiere and had topped ratings in 80 different nations. Calling Hellbound, the new Squid Game, would be the simplest thing in the world. After all, they are both South Korean dramas that include horrific deaths and are huge Netflix successes. But then, Conflict And Frustration arose among the fans of both K-dramas.

The similarities are legitimate, of course. Squid Game was such a milestone that it would always eat up the next item that appeared, not just in terms of firmly establishing Korean dramas in the mainstream but also in terms of highlighting the popularity of shows not in English. Do you recall how, for years following the premiere of that program, any comedy with a female lead was dubbed “the new Fleabag”? Similar to that, but with screaming, Koreans are perishing the most horrifically imaginable.

We fervently hope Hellbound can avoid being compared to other films. It’s not just deserving of being able to stand on its own two feet; it’s also admirable. Amazingly good, somewhat. Superior to the squid game. Even better than most things. If you haven’t seen Hellbound, stop what you’re doing right now and start watching it on Netflix.

It has a fantastic premise. People suddenly receive a visit from a sinister visage that appears before them and informs them of the time and day of their impending demise. Then, as clockwork, three enormous CGI brutes arrive from another dimension and beat that individual to death before incinerating their entire body.

Hellbound’s Reason to Be Successful

Many other works would stop there; in fact, the demonic smackdowns have a faint sub-Marvel vibe; but Hellbound succeeds because it is ready to show us what goes on at the periphery. The shocking discovery that paranormal creatures purposely pick some individuals to be killed suddenly changes our understanding of civilization.

 People who assert a deeper understanding of the problem are elevated to messianic status. Numerous disgusting conspiracy theories are widely believed. The human race is currently engulfed in an atmosphere of dread and uncertainty. The demons themselves quickly become mere circus fodder.

How Is True ‘Hellbound’s’ Prophecy?

The newest South Korean blockbuster series on Netflix, Hellbound, treads the fine line between drama, action, and horror to tackle issues like religion, free choice, and the emergence of fanaticism. The showrunner Yeon Sang-ho tells the tale of a country that has been altered by a string of paranormal events and by the rise of a religious society that can convince the populace that what is happening has a reasonable explanation throughout six episodes.

In the universe of Hellbound, hazy ghosts referred to as angels make themselves known to certain characters, telling them when they will pass away and consequently be sent to hell. Death Note or Final Destination-style heart attacks or accidents don’t kill the “sinners,” as people who receive the prophecy are known. Instead, three gorilla-like creatures suddenly appear, beat their victims senselessly, and burn their corpses to the ground. The demons then vanish just as mysteriously as they appeared. The New Truth Society, a religious group, says God is punishing humanity for not choosing the path of righteousness and explains these atrocities. The New Truth firmly establishes its hold on society as supernatural executions multiply.

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What Can Viewers Anticipate From Hellbound’s Second Season?

The ruins and skeletons of Park Jung Ja came together at the finale of the first season. They brought about the woman’s resurrection, a startling discovery that will permanently alter the course of history.

Despite being handed a decree, the infant of Song So Hyun lived when his parents gave themselves up to save their newborn son, shattering the concept of the New Truth in the eyes of several eyewitnesses.

When others affected by the decrees start returning to life, like Park Jung Ja, even more concerns will be raised about the New Truth. But would Jung Jin Soo utilize his newly discovered resurrection to propagate a new gospel if we see his resurrection as the former chairman of New Truth?

As the world tries to make sense of “God’s” activities, the New Truth and Arrowhead are likely to cause a catastrophic breakdown in society by persuading the populace that everyone who receives decrees is a sinner.

When Will Netflix Release The Second Season Of Hellbound?

When the series is renewed will significantly influence when season 2 of Hellbound is released. Given the first season’s production, we can make an informed prediction as to when Hellbound season 2 will be available on Netflix.

Hellbound’s filming lasted from September 17th, 2020, until January 18th, 2021. Thus, it took slightly over 14 months from the commencement of filming to the Netflix release date. Therefore, if we take a conservative estimate of fourteen months, Hellbound season 2 won’t be available on Netflix until 2023.

If the contract is renewed and production starts in the spring of 2022, a late summer 2023 delivery date would be possible.

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