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Top 5 Soft Skills to Look for When You Hire Remote Developers

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When a tech company aims to hire remote developers. They usually assess candidates based on their experience and technical expertise concerning their requirements and budget. But what several employers fail to do is, focus on superior soft skills. Which can prove to be beneficial in many ways.

Soft skills mainly comprise the candidate’s aspects, attributes, and overall attitude, all of which must comply with the company’s culture while proving useful in their work role.

A LinkedIn survey has shown that almost 57% of leading operatives prioritize soft skills over technical skills. The reason for this prioritization can be shown through the Stanford Research Institute International’s findings. Which provided that soft skills account for 75% of employee success. In comparison, technical skills account for only 25%.

Why are Soft Skills Important?

All these statistics end up providing several benefits which are provided as follows:

Improved Decision Making

Remote developers with relevant soft skills can lend a hand to managers and CEOs by providing insight. When crucial organizational decisions have to be made. The decisions are mainly fueled by these individuals’ innovative and creative mindsets.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Soft skills allow remote developers to empathize with their reporting authority and colleagues. Which allows them to help others face work-related challenges while also eliminating unhealthy competition.  

Driving Positive Change

Remote developers use their clear communication skills and understanding of those around them to help the organization align several departments with their main goals. As a result, not only do they improve operations, but they also drive positive change.

These benefits scream the utter importance of soft skills and might have you wondering. How you’ll plan out your next candidate interview may even compel you to change your entire hiring process!

Main Soft Skills to Look Out For 

But before you haste away in making changes to your hiring process. We’ll do you a favor and let you know the five soft skills you need to look for when you hire remote developers.

Good Communication

Remote developers need effective combination skills as they collaborate with each other and project managers to ensure that project details. Objectives are delivered and understood clearly. Communication skills also allow these developers to share new ideas while explaining the technicalities of development easily and understandably.  


Adapting to oncoming change and embracing it positively can allow remote developers to learn and understand new technologies and trends. Which can improve workflows and produce optimum results for their employers.


Creativity is the soft skill that sets the best developers apart. A creative mind can think out of the box and thus use unorthodox techniques and attention to detail to create novel tech solutions that can set a tech company apart from the competition.


Working in a remote development team requires an enhanced collaborative ability due to them not sharing the same roof. This requires a great deal of teamwork to create a collaborative digital environment. Where all individuals are working towards a singular goal.


The core aspects of development can be summarized in just a single word Problem-Solving. Remote developers require the immaculate problem-solving ability to solve not only their development challenges but also the challenges faced by their teammates and organization. Moreover, their extra efforts in contingencies allow them to identify the roots of prevalent organizational problems.  


Hiring remote developers has become a much more intricate endeavor; assessing candidates’ soft skills while comparing their technical expertise can be daunting. But you can leave all these worries in the past with the help of Aspired. We’re a remote staffing agency that can provide you with vetted remote resources that can help you go above and beyond the status quo.

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