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How can I block ads on twitch? Learn complete guide

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Are you annoyed by the ads which keep on popping up on the screen when there is some important moment on your twitch video? Well we can relate with you, it is indeed irritating. 

Today we will be talking about this problem and will let you know how you would be able to go for an adblock for twitch so that you won’t need to be annoyed by the ads anymore. 

There are majorly three ways using which you will be able to block the ads on your twitch about which we are going to discuss in this blog, so without wasting time let us immediately see the ways which would be helpful for you. 

Getting rid of ads via subscription method 

If you are a viewer on twitch you have to subscribe to the channels which will stop all the third party ads on the streaming you do, besides this you can also use the twitch turbo subscription which you have to buy. 

We are recommending the turbo subscription because the prime subscription of twitch does not remove the advertisements anymore, in turbo the ads are removed because the broadcasters get revenue from the turbo subscription you have taken. 

Even though getting a subscription removes the ads or can go for twitch block ads which are twitch based but the ads which come with the videos cannot be removed since, they are a part of the video before this. 

Remove the ads using the non – native twitch player extensions and apps

There are many third party applications and extensions which will allow you to do streaming on twitch without getting interrupted by advertisements. 

In addition to this the other additional features which you might be able to get are the last minutes of the live broadcast, feature of audio only, etc. 

Some of the alternative players for twitch which we would recommend to you are pocket plays which will be best for you to use. 

Make use of the ad blockers for stopping twitch ads 

Blocking ads on twitch is also possible with the use of ad blockers and today we will tell you about some best twitch adblock which you can use to remove the ads. 

Block the ads on a PC or desktop 

You can select for the extension you want for your browser such as Google chrome and once it is installed you will not be getting the ads which are troubling you while streaming. 

Blocking ads on mobile device 

As for mobile devices you have to get the ad blocker on your device and operate it so that it is able to block the ads which are troubling you while you are streaming something on twitch. 

If you are unable to block the ads on mobile using twitch ad blocker then this means that the software does not allow it and you will not be able to do it. 

So, the best way to stream twitch without getting interrupted by ads is on a desktop or PC where you could use any ad blocker you want. 

The ad blockers you will use will only block the ads of twitch but of other platforms as well, along with which you will also be granted with features such as privacy protection, parental control and also reduced usage of data. We hope that the information provided by us to you in this blog was beneficial for you and you were able to learn a lot through it, however if you still feel that there is something you need to know about more, then we would advise you to have a look at platform Cleaner Suite.


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