How Do I View Thunderbird Emails In Outlook? Tested Technique

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A multitude of users are looking for the perfect solution to view Thunderbird emails in Outlook. In the digital age, e-mails are the most important means of professional communication and Mozilla Thunderbird is a widely used email client.

Thunderbird has numerous features such as message management, junk filtering, open source according to the industry standards and supports, providing cross-platform support, etc.

Thunderbird prompts the user to configure all additional features and is very extensive. On the other hand, market trends favor Microsoft Outlook due to its enhanced features and user-centric functions. Users are looking for a way to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365. If you are also looking for it, then read this post carefully till the end.

Reason To Open Thunderbird Emails In Outlook

  • Thunderbird does not offer any spam filtering capability, while Outlook offers a top-notch spam filtering capability that helps prevent phishing attacks.
  • Thunderbird does not provide a task and calendar list.
  • Due to Thunderbird’s slower development process, the focus isn’t on security and stability.

How To View Thunderbird Emails In Outlook Via Manual Technique?

If you have some EML files, you can provide Outlook drag-drop functionality. So, without wasting your important time, let’s see the solution to solve this problem. Open immediately.

  • Open Outlook and then click on the “New Folder” option as shown in the emails above.
  • Then open the EML files location and select all.
  • Then move the cursor to the new folder in Outlook.
  • Finally, EML files can be viewed in Outlook.

Why Manual Approach Is Not A Good Choice?

  • This is true for some EML files and thousands of EML files. This manual process takes 3-4 days to complete.
  • Advanced technical skills are required to master this process.
  • EML files appear as attachments in Outlook.
  • Part of the email may be lost automatically during the drag-drop process.
  • Active Outlook profile and installation are required to perform this solution.

How To Open Thunderbird Emails In Outlook Via Automated Technique?

As you have already seen, manual approaches come with many challenges. So we recommend you continue with Corbett Thunderbird Migrator is an excellent choice to convert single or multiple Thunderbird emails at once without any hassles. This software is specially programmed with advanced encoding to get an accurate output without any changes compared to the original file.

  • Download and open the tool on your Windows PC.
  • Browse EML files and open them in the software interface.
  • After that, click on the PST option from the multiple export options.
  • At last, set the save location for the result and then click “Convert” to get the output immediately.

Other Benefits Of Using Automated Technique

  • The mailbox data hierarchy was retained exactly as it was in the original document.
  • This application is very easy to use without requiring extensive technical information.
  • It also offers a filter function to convert data by date range, subject, sender, recipient, etc.
  • It allows exporting Thunderbird to PST, EML, PDF, TXT, and many more export options.
  • There is no need to download other applications to complete this process.

Wrapping Up

Regarding the article: Now we are aware of the fact that the manual approach to viewing Thunderbird emails in Outlook is not a reliable choice. Manual techniques have many limitations, while on the other hand, the automated solution allows for many user-centric features. The software provides an easy way and accurate results to open Thunderbird emails in Outlook.

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