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How Is Call Masking Different From A Virtual Number?

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Your phone number is your introduction to the world. It’s who you are and what you look like to other people. Phone numbers are essential for making and receiving phone calls. Call Masking is a solution that uses voice APIs to hide the actual phone numbers of the participants in a phone call. With a call masking solution, the participants can still communicate with each other, but the actual phone numbers will be masked. People often need to contact someone with a phone number for emergencies or for business transactions. Keeping your number private helps you stay anonymous when contacting other people.

What is Call Masking?

Number Masking, also known as Call Masking, is used by businesses to protect the privacy of their customers, by allowing them to communicate with a company’s executives without disclosing their personal phone numbers. Number Masking is a call privacy solution that businesses use to safeguard the privacy of their customers. Also known as num-masking, phone number masking is a feature of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) used by businesses to conceal contact information for all individuals involved in a call.

Why Use Call Masking?

Call Masking is a helpful VoIP feature for businesses that wish to keep contact information confidential while conducting business with customers, prospects, or third-party vendors. Manual conference calls using the telephone carrier may be eliminated using a number masking tool. Call masking is a completely legal customer support technique that businesses and telephone systems use for placing outbound calls or messages. 

Using the Number Masking Platform, it is easy to connect calls between businesses and customers without disclosing their identities, protect all transactions, and stop spam calls. In fact, number masking allows for bidirectional communications between you and customers without exposing their phone numbers. The concept of Number Masking allows easy communication between two individuals/parties who are calling without disclosing their phone numbers, thereby providing higher customer privacy.

The Benefit Of Call Masking  

  • With a virtual number, the participants will be using a phone number that is not their personal phone number. This number can be provided by the business or organization that they are working for, or it can be a number that they have created themselves. 
  • The advantage of using a virtual number is that it can be more anonymous. The number can also be more secure, as it is not connected to any personal information.
  • Call Masking is a service that allows businesses to hide the true phone number that a customer is calling from. This can be done through the use of a virtual number, which will create a phone number that is not connected to any personal information.
  • Proxy number returns is a service that allows businesses to use a proxy number to make outgoing calls. This number can be used to disguise the true caller from the receiver.   

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Why Is Call Masking Required?

Companies may want to use a masked number to shield their identity from consumers. In the case of phone numbers, masking enables businesses to increase their communication channels without giving away their actual phone number. Masking also enables businesses like Ola, which relies on drivers to provide customer service, to keep their contact information confidential. Mobile numbers can be masked to increase the privacy of communication between individuals. Drivers can use a Masked Number or Virtual Number to communicate with customers without revealing their personal contact information. 

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