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How many types of carpets are there and techniques used to clean carpets?

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Cleaning your house appliance is very important. Carpet cleaning in Vancouver is also vital as you touch them every day you walk these carpets daily. Thousands of harmful germs and bacteria are present on these carpets. 

In countries like Canada, there are companies where you have experts to clean the carpets. Cleaners in Nanaimo and other cities are specially trained with the proper techniques to clean. Different types of carpets need different types of cleaner processes and procedures. 

These are some of the types of carpet available: 

Woven carpet: this carpet is made with rugs when they are stitched together to form mats of different sizes and shapes. It is made through a loom method with the help of wool or yarn. It is better than a tufted carpet. 

Tufted carpet: these carpets are made with a latex layer stitched in them. It is affordable and durable at the same time. 

Modular carpet tiles: these are the carpet that is cut in square parts and then gets fitted on floors. They are durable. Very easy to install and have less maintenance cost in comparison to other floor-covering carpets. 

Flocked carpet: it is made of nylon and then stuck to PVC to get it to fit on the floor. It comes with easy cleaning features and the best quality performance for a long time.

Fibre bonded carpets: the carpets are made by gluing the yarns and making them cost-effective and durable. Also, they are fray-free and the best floor-covering option. 

These are the techniques that were used to clean carpets:

Dry vacuuming: this will dry cleans your house with the vacuums having excellent suction power to suck dust and dirt particles from the floor. An easy method for proper cleaning of your carpets. 

Hot water extraction: with extra care, the cleaning process gets started. Hot water is spread all over the carpet and then wiped adequately without leaving a single substance of dirt on the mat. Also prevents the fibers of the rugs from damaging. 

Bonnet cleaning: Mainly, this technique is used for commercial purposes as it is a low-moisture cleaning technique, including hot water extraction and shampooing of the carpets. After the extraction, if the soil is left, it also cleans that and dries up quickly, then hot water extraction. 

Absorbent powder cleaning: absorbent powder, considered a versatile product, is used in the cleaning process, which soaks up the liquid and forms a gel-like substance of dust that can easily be whipped off. The perks of this technique are that the powder leaves a fantastic fragrance, there is no need for any heavy equipment, and it is cost-effective and a proven way of cleaning carpets. 

Encapsulation: this process is to deep cleans the carpets in which acrylic polymers perform the function by encapsulating the dust particles. So after that, they can be cleansed by a vacuum. This is a cost-effective and result-oriented technique of cleaning. 

Shampooing: in this process, detergents and other cleaning products are mixed with water and help in cleaning the carpet by washing soil particles with the help of water. One of the easiest and most cost-effective techniques of cleaning. 


To get the cleaning done by an expert cleaner, you can contact Sweepy Maids to get your carpets cleaned with the best quality vacuums and proven techniques of cleaning.

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