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How Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs Are Different?

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There may be no different rules for men and women golfers when playing the game, but there is one thing to keep in mind not all the gold clubs are the same; women’s golf clubs are different than those made for men. So how do they are different? Let’s find out in this blog.

Before we move ahead, it is important to understand the structure of a golf club. The following are the common components of a golf club:

  • Grip – Located on the top, the grip is usually made from a single hollow piece of rubber.
  • Head or Clubhead – This is part of a golf club that will strike the ball.
  • Blade or Muscle Back – This is responsible for giving your ball a better flight through the air.
  • Cavity Back – As the name suggests, cavity back features a hole/cavity in the back of a golf club and is responsible for allowing more of the mass to be pushed towards the perimeter.
  • Clubface – This is located in the front of a golf club, and is meant to strike the ball.
  • Loft (Angle) – It is an angle that is created between the clubface and the ground.

Difference between the golf clubs made for men and women

Length of golf clubs

We know that the length of golf clubs is made to suit the height of an individual and other factors like the body proportion and arm length the driver shafts for women’s golf clubs are usually between 1.5 inches and 2 inches shorter than the shafts on men’s drivers on average. For an individual who aims to perform well on the field, it is important to search for the best ladies golf clubs for sale Gauteng as they must be built to suit your body type, arm length and strength for maximum control and performance.

  • Normal golf clubs for men are made for men that are 5’9″ tall
  • Normal golf clubs for women are made for women that are 5’7″ tall

Shaft material of golf clubs

Another common difference that can be seen in the golf clubs for women and men is in the material used for the manufacturing of shafts. While men will have the option to choose between steel or graphite shafts, women almost always use graphite. The reason here is the weight of the materials; steel shafts are heavier, which is why they’re mostly used by men golfers. Steel shafts offer men more control over the club as they swing it with more power. Similarly, lighter golf clubs with graphite shafts enable women golfers to achieve maximum swing speed. Of course, there is no such rule as women can also look for ladies golf clubs for sale Gauteng that are made from steel, especially when a woman has a higher swing speed.

Shaft flex of golf clubs

If you are a golfer, you’d easily understand that the shaft flex of a golf club plays a vital role in the performance of an individual. It is responsible for determining the distance, accuracy, and trajectory of golf shots. This is the reason that it is different in the flex of shafts for golf clubs made for men and women. For men, stiffness is more important to accommodate the force they exert in their swing. Similarly, women tend to have a slower swing speed and more flexible shafts. Golf clubs having ladies’ shafts are classified as ‘L’ and are more appropriate for golfers with a swing speed below 80 mph.

Golf club loft

Another significant difference one can notice in the golf clubs made for men and women is the loft, which is responsible for deciding how high the ball is going to be launched in the air when contact is made. It has been noticed that men have more force behind their swings while women make use of swing speed, gold clubs for men come with less loft than the golf clubs made for women players. It is also noticed that many men and women golfers get their clubs custom-made to match their specific preferences and playing styles to improve their gaming experiences. So, one can find a ladies golf clubs for sale Gauteng that does sport a loft below 12 degrees.

Head & weight of golf club

This is something that not many golfers would know out there, but the head and weight of a golf club make a whole difference when it comes to choosing the right one for women or men golfers. According to specialists in the field, the head of a golf club for women is usually larger and lighter. It is achieved by moving the weight to the perimeter of the clubs. Similarly, we can say that the golf clubs made for men are heavier and come with smaller designed club heads. In simple words, we can say that golf clubs for women are much lighter in weight if compared to the ones made for men golfers. The goal is to allow women golfers to be more accurate with their shots.

Final Words

We hope you have enough information about how golf clubs for men are different than the ones made for women players. But in the real world, things can be very complicated and choosing the right club can be very complex. It is suggested to consider your individual preference and playing style to pick the one for you. The goal of choosing a golf club should be to maximize the performance in the field. While the difference might seem apparent at first glance, knowing how to choose the right club can help you perform your best on the field.

But it is important to understand that there is no such rule that women cannot use golf clubs that are made for men. If you are a woman with a long height and strong body, you can try using golf clubs made for men as an option. Just because they are termed as ‘men’s golf clubs’ doesn’t mean that they can’t work for certain levels of female golfers.

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