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How Much Does Charcoal Hair Color Cost? You Should Know

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Charcoal hair color is a trendy and sophisticated trend, perfect for creating an edgy and elegant look. Made of silver, black, and blue tones which blend into an inky grayish-black shade on your locks. Charcoal can suit different skin tones and hair types depending on its intensity or variation of hues used to color the locks.

But, how much does charcoal hair color cost and where can it be purchased? In this article, we will answer these and other related questions as well as demonstrate why Jimy USA offers superior charcoal hair coloring products as well as how best to utilize them.

Prices of charcoal hair color products

The costs associated with charcoal hair color products can differ depending on both product type and retailer; typically prices range from $10-30 per unit as estimates and could change over time or depending on location.

As Jimy USA offers high-quality charcoal hair color products at competitive prices, it is recommended to consult the pricing details on their official website or with authorized retailers for pricing information. You can find Jimy USA products in beauty supply stores, salons or local outlets near you as well as online platforms reputable enough for sale of these items.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Charcoal Hair Color

Charcoal hair color products aren’t the only factor influencing its cost; there are other considerations you need to keep in mind before trying this trend. Here are some:

  • Your base color of hair. If your locks are dark brown or black, bleaching must first take place prior to applying charcoal hair color products. Because bleaching can be expensive and potentially damage-inducing if performed incorrectly, professional stylists are best placed to assist in doing it safely and effectively.
  • Your desired effect of charcoal hair coloring. For instance, if you wish to achieve full head coverage with charcoal hues, more product may be needed than for subtle highlights and lowlights; additionally, more products will likely be needed if attempting a lighter or darker shade than your base hue.
  • Maintain your charcoal hair color. Charcoal hues may gradually fade or turn brassy over time depending on how often and well you wash your hair, and how you care for it. To keep its vibrant and fresh appearance alive and well, special products made specifically for color-treated locks should be used, and touch-up visits with your stylist should occur regularly.

The benefits of choosing Jimy USA for charcoal hair color products

Jimy USA is an industry-leading brand of professional haircare products that specialize in charcoal hair color products. They have a diverse array of products designed to fit different needs and preferences; here are some benefits of choosing Jimy USA:

  • These products utilize high-grade ingredients and advanced technology for their manufacturing, and feature natural extracts and oils that nourish and protect hair while coloring it.
  • They offer various shades and intensities of charcoal hair color products to meet every base color and desired effect. Choose between light, medium or dark products depending on your base hue or desired result – you could even mix and match different products to achieve a custom shade!
  • They offer simple yet long-term products. Their products are easy to apply and rinse off, leaving no mess or residue behind. Moreover, these can last up to 8 weeks depending on how often your hair needs washing and how well cared for it is taken of it.
  • Jimy USA products are accessible and affordable. Their offerings can be found at beauty supply stores, salons or local beauty product outlets near you – as well as their official website or other reputable platforms online.


How long will activated charcoal hair dye last?

Activated charcoal hair dye is a temporary solution that washes out with one shampoo; unlike charcoal hair color products that last up to 8 weeks.

What color is charcoal hair color?

Charcoal hair color is a grayish-black shade composed of silver, black, and blue tones that creates an overall matte and cool effect.

Which hair color is the most costly?

The cost of hair color depends on numerous factors, including brand, product, base color and desired effect as well as maintenance requirements. In general though, lighter hues tend to be more costly as they require more bleaching and product.

What does it cost to dye my hair?

The cost of coloring your hair varies based on various factors, including brand, product, base color, desired effect and maintenance costs, salon charges and the like. Angie’s List reports an average salon coloring costs range between $75 to $150.

Hope this article has provided you with enough knowledge about charcoal hair color to provide you with more insight and costs associated with it. To experience its alluring and sophisticated qualities for yourself, visit one of the Jimy USA retailers nearby or shop online – they provide high-quality and cost-effective charcoal products!

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