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How to Choose the Perfect Ruby Stone: Tips for Buying Quality Gemstones

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Rubies, with their varying styles ranging from bold to delicate, consistently possess a passionate and romantic quality, making them a captivating wonder of nature. When it comes to choosing the perfect ruby stone, there are several factors to be considered to ensure the purchase of a quality gemstone. Here are some points that should be kept in mind while purchasing the right ruby stone: 

1. Choose the right Color: 

The most important element influencing a ruby stone’s value is its colour. The color of the finest rubies ranges from bright, pure red to slightly purplish red. In most marketplaces, rubies with only red overtones sell for less money than those with orange and purple undertones. For a color to be deemed of the highest quality, it must not be either too dark or too light. The brightness of the ruby stone is negatively impacted by a color that is excessively dark. On the other hand, even if the color strength or intensity is great, a ruby stone may be mistaken for a pink sapphire if it is too light in color. The most desirable ruby stone exhibits a pure, intense red colour.

Image showing different tones of Ruby

2. Examine the Clarity: 

Like all other stones, the more flawless a ruby stone is, the more valuable it is. The market price of a ruby stone increases with its clarity. Ruby stone is a transparent stone in general, however it has some natural inclusions. However, these glaring faults can lower the clarity even though the gemstone might be quite transparent. This in turn influences the price, even though they are typically not visible to the naked eye.

untreated and heat-treated ruby stone showing a range of darker and brighter red colors

The level of included visibility can affect the value of a ruby stone. A ruby stone’s value is significantly decreased by obvious inclusions or inclusions that lessen transparency. The clarity, brilliance, and value of the stone are significantly reduced if there are substantial, noticeable impurities under the table facet. Inclusions can also affect the durability of the ruby stone. Also, durability risks can arise from significant surface-reaching fractures. 

The representative of clear ruby stone includes thin mineral inclusion called needles. Needles may be short or long and thin and may have the appearance of being tightly knit. Inclusions that seem like fingerprints, microscopic crystals, zones of colour variation, and needles made of different minerals can all be found in ruby stone.

3. Pick the Correct Cut:

One of the hardest gemstones that is available is the ruby stone. The most frequent shape in this gemstone is a tabular hexagonal shape. However, because they tend to retain considerably more weight during the cutting process than any other form, individuals enjoy round, cushion, and oval shapes more. However, one needs to pay much more if one wants a fancy cut like a heart, octagon, pear, triangular facet, step-cut pavilion, or magnificent square. because the precision required for these cuts must be higher, resulting in stone waste throughout the cutting process.

The ruby stones are also found in round, triangular, emerald-cut, pear, and marquise shapes. These forms, however, are uncommon in greater sizes and greater quality.

Many cutters try to save as much weight as they can since ruby rough is highly pricey. They might fashion flattened ruby rough into shallow stones, even though light escapes through flattened pavilions, resulting in a less appealing transparent section known as a window within the stone. You need to avoid buying such stones.

4. Choose the Correct Ruby Size and Weight 

Choosing the correct weight is crucial when purchasing a ruby stone, emerald, or any other expensive gemstone. One cannot afford to compromise on color when purchasing a gem for astrological use because the weight of the diamond is crucial to the outcomes it may produce. Commercial-quality ruby stones are typically available in a wide variety of sizes, although fine-quality rubies exceeding one carat are quite uncommon. As a ruby stone gets bigger, the cost per carat increases substantially.

5. Verify the price of Ruby 

With today’s quickly evolving technology and quickening digitization, there are a tonne of possibilities available on the global market, whether it be for jewellery or clothing. There are an infinite number of sellers in the markets when it comes to buying valuable stones such as rubies or sapphires. As a result, before spending money on anything, one should make sure to check the product’s price across all relevant sources. To get gemstones at the most reasonable price, one must visit many online stores or physical jewelry stores  and compare prices on all available marketplaces. After comparing all the price possibilities, one should choose a trusted gemstone store to purchase the ruby stone and make the right investment. 

Final Words:

These exquisite crimson gemstones represent power, purity, passion, and particularly romance. Romance, the driving force that nurtures and strengthens a relationship over time, finds its embodiment in rubies. With their fiery hue, ruby stones are the ideal symbol of the flourishing and blossoming romance between two individuals. For more interesting information, you can visit our website. 

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