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Instructions on How to Draw A Roller Coaster Easily

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How to Draw A Roller Coaster. Visiting an amusement park or carnival can be one of the most fun excursions ever! Usually, these events feature some fun rides.

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Of all these rides, roller coasters are some of the most exciting you can ride, and they can be fun and scary simultaneously.

While it can be fun to ride a roller coaster, you can also have fun learning how to draw a roller coaster.

How to Draw A Roller Coaster

Step 1

In this guide to drawing a roller coaster, we will draw a roller coaster car with four people sitting inside. For this first step, let’s first draw the car.

There are a few different components for this car, so it’s best to do it slowly and follow the instructions carefully to draw it easily.

You can use a combination of straight and curved lines to draw the body, and there will also be a front crash bar.

There will be a gap at the top of the car through which we will pull people into the next steps.

Step 2

This second part of your roller coaster drawing will also have a lot of details to draw, so it’s another part where you should go slow and follow the guide.

First, you can use some curved lines for the coaster track.

These barrels also have lines running vertically down the bars that keep the barrels in the air.

Next, we’ll draw some experience components, like big leaves following to the roller coaster. You can also add some details before proceeding!

Step 3

Now that you’ve drawn the roller coaster car, we’ll draw the first person riding it in this next step of our how-to draw a roller coaster guide.

The first person will be a little girl, and like all car drivers, she will be drawn in a fun cartoon style.

You can also change the style of the people on the coaster if you prefer.

Step 4

In this fourth phase of your roller coaster drawing, you will add another person to the picture.

Next will be a little boy. Also, draw the constraints that keep them in the car.

Step 5

For this step of our guide on how to draw roller coasters, we will continue to draw more children in cars.

This little boy will be in the next row and sitting in a different section of the car that we will draw in the next step.

Another child is sitting next to him, and you also draw the beginning of his hands in this step.

Step 6

It’s almost time to add some awesome colours to your coaster design, but first, we need to add some details and elements. As mentioned in the previous step, let’s draw another kid on a roller coaster.

Draw A Roller Coaster
Draw A Roller Coaster

They’ll also use some curved lines to create the second coaster car she’ll be sitting in. Once you’ve drawn the second car, you can end with the last kid.

After drawing the last baby, you must add a few more details before moving on.

You can add some background details like trees or mountains, but you can also add some details in this step!

You can change the background, make the people on the coaster look different, or decorate the sides of the coaster a bit.

Step 7

This last step of our guide to drawing a roller coaster is adding some eye-catching colors to finish it.

Roller Coaster Drawing
Roller Coaster Drawing

We used some nice bright colors for our reference image, but I remembered this was a suggestion.

If you like the colors we’ve selected, you can use them to replicate the colors for your design, but feel free to change them up and use other colors or artistic mediums you love!

Your Roller Coaster Drawing is Finished!

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