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How To Draw Easy Drawings For 12 Years Olds

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Easy Drawings For 12 Year Olds struggle to develop sketching ideas and require Easy Drawings For 12-Year-Olds inspiration. With some fundamental Easy Drawings For 12 Year Olds concepts, we can help. Some straightforward concepts are line drawings, while others have more vibrant and detailed potential. After reading this article, you should have at least a few ideas to help inspire your creative process.

Suggestions for aspiring painters

These easy drawing ideas are ideal for improving your drawing abilities or just doodling. Look around to find some fresh and timeless inspiration to spark your imagination. Before moving on to simpler, harder drawings, we’ll start with easy sketches that anyone can complete.

Simple Sketches and Simple Drawings

When doing rapid sketches, it’s more crucial to get your thoughts down on paper than to spend too much time worrying about the details or making them seem good. Is the initial step in the complete sketching process while making straightforward sketches?

Creating Simple Forms

Drawing various shapes could be an easy way to get started because shapes are the basis for anything you will sketch. As a result, this is an essential phase in developing your drawing skills. You can choose from numerous hues and tones in simple forms like spheres or cones.

Geometric forms and patterns

These could be straightforward or complex, depending on how you feel. These can be used to create plain blocks or applied to a picture. For instance, a geometric representation of a wolf or lion head. You may go for a flat, more two-dimensional design or one that appears more three-dimensional. The drawing could be wholly abstract or have a specific form.

Bubbles and balloons

It’s fascinating to watch bubbles float because of their constantly changing surface of various colors. This would be a great drawing because bubbles are easy to draw and great for beginners. You can completely or partially fill a page. Another great idea is to draw balloons because they are both easy and entertaining.

Graphs with lines

These are becoming popular and are used as mugs and t-shirts, wall art, and other things. The name sums up exactly what it is: a line that builds an image using various weighted strokes and angles, occasionally remaining on the page until the design is complete.


When doodling, there are no boundaries or restrictions. Thus, it might be a method for clearing your mind. You can move your hand with a pencil or pen while unwinding or watching television and create whatever forms naturally arise. This may help with stress reduction and idea development.

Step-by-Step Drawing

  • The beginning of this straightforward guide on how to draw Sonic is a circle.
  • Draw the spikes on the back of Sonic’s head. To get this, draw six curved lines, one long and one short. Allow the lines to intersect at specific locations.
  • Draw a smaller oval overlapping the bottom of the head.
  • Remove the guiding lines of the oval.
  • For Sonic’s ears, draw two curved lines. Allow the lines to converge into a triangle at three distinct spots.
  • Create a little triangle just behind the ear. Sonic’s head outline is now finished.
  • Draw two parallel, curved lines that emerge from the body. A second curved line that crosses the first one should be drawn, then doubles back on itself.
  • Remove the guiding lines from the head and arm.
  • Each leg should be represented by two curved lines that extend downward from the body.
  • Take the directions out of the body.
  • Draw an oval just past the end of each arm. Put two more spikes behind Sonic.
  • Draw the remainder of the hand in between each oval and the arm. The left hand is composed of two curved lines that form enclosed shapes. The thumbs-up gesture is made with the left hand. The right hand has an oval shape, with a curved line enclosing a little oval that overlaps the main oval.
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