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How To Earn Free Bitcoin Without Any Investment

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Bitcoin is a word commonly heard these days. People started investing in bitcoin after the rise in its popularity back in 2008-09. Cryptocurrency has made its way into the world and is helping people earn money through them. More and more industries have started integrating cryptocurrencies into their operations. It has led to a rise in cryptocurrency trading and investing. The crypto market has evolved tremendously, and many other cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin have risen after people started accepting them. 

Can you earn free bitcoins?

Bitcoin is usually associated with trading or investing. What if I tell you that you do not have to invest or buy bitcoins but can earn them for free? Yeah, can’t believe it? But it’s true. You can earn bitcoin free by just doing some minimal tasks. You can earn up to a certain number of bitcoins daily and then do as you may with your rewards. 

How to earn free bitcoins?

Since the increasing bitcoins popularity, many websites have offered free bitcoins to people for doing some minimal tasks like surveys, watching ads, playing games, etc. 

You must thoroughly research the market and see what sites provide free bitcoins for suitable tasks. The easiest tasks are watching a video, sending referrals to your friends, taking surveys, and playing simple games. You can also win bitcoins as rewards for your crypto credit card, when you go through an educational course, or when you stake your crypto. You can even earn interest on your crypto by lending or holding it. 

Some of the popular yet simplest ways are:

  1. Taking surveys: It is one of the best ways to earn free bitcoins as it involves no investment, and neither is it time-consuming. Take surveys to help the sites get the information; in return, you earn bitcoins. Some survey sites have a higher reward policy, so it may take you longer to get the bitcoins than the other rewards. You will have to read the instructions thoroughly before you register. Freecash.com is one of the fastest-growing sites to make easy bitcoins by completing surveys.
  1. By watching videos & ads: Yes, you heard that right. You can win free bitcoins by just watching videos & ads on the sites after certain intervals. By registering on the site and watching the videos or the ads, you can earn bitcoins in your wallet or account. You might get the bitcoin in smaller amounts compared to them by doing other things, but it is a good side task you can take up. Freecash.com has a lot of options you can choose from, and you can also select multiple chances to win more.
  1. By playing bitcoin games: Bitcoin games are the absolute best way to earn bitcoins in small amounts for playing games. They work in a similar way to bitcoin faucets. Players earn ten times more than their original bitcoins by playing games and watching ads or videos on the sites. So it is a great way to earn bitcoins by doing fun things like playing games all day. The bitcoin games reward the players for dedicating the time of their day to these games. 
  1. Online bitcoin betting: This is the most common and the oldest trick in the book to earn free bitcoin. Betting on the most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can double your earnings cause of its unique features and anonymity. But as tempting as it s, online bitcoin betting is also risky. Because sometimes, you might even lose your bitcoins when the value of it in the crypto market decreases. Hence it is to be under guidance or after a thorough study of the crypto market. 
  1. Referral programs: Referral programs are one of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoins. All you have to do is refer the service or a site to a friend and have them sign up on that site through the referral link. And boom, a certain amount of bitcoin would be deposited in your account or wallet. 
  1. Go through educational courses: Certain sites offer free bitcoins if you complete specific courses, finish the related assignments, or take tests for that course. This policy also motivates people to study more. Coinbase is one platform where you can find some courses through which you can earn free crypto. The feature is known as “coinbase earn” on the platform. 
  1. Bitcoin faucets: Crypto faucets are a popular way to earn free cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin faucets are the traditional way to earn free bitcoins. These faucets give out several Satoshis every hour to the users. (Satoshis are a small amount of bitcoin) These faucets pay you the Satoshis as a reward for logging in after intervals, spinning the wheel, watching ads, etc. These rewards would make little, but you can earn free bitcoins daily, even in smaller amounts. You can check out casino gurus for a list of such faucets. 

One such fantastic faucet that gives its users mind-blowing rewards in the form of free bitcoins is freebitco io

There are other ways to earn free bitcoins. But the users must thoroughly study the crypto market and the rules and regulations to start the process. 

Is it Legal?

Now, you all may have questions about the legality of this. It’s not an everyday occurrence where someone tells you, you can earn free bitcoins. That too by doing some minimal tasks from the comforts of your home; hence the question of legality arises. We perfectly understand where you’re coming from. But do not worry cause most of the sites that offer free bitcoins are legal and authorized. You have to do a bit of research before you sign up. 

Some other sites reward with bitcoins for taking a survey 

  1. Timebucks: It has more than just surveys for users to earn rewards. 
  2. Honeygain: It helps you earn bitcoins by sharing your internet bandwidth. 
  3. Pawns: It is restricted in some countries but have some fantastic rewards.
  4. Superpay.me: It isn’t easy to understand initially, and it has more options to choose from in some countries than others. 
  5. Surveytime: It is effortless and has a faster payout time. 
  6. Peer2profit: You can earn by sharing unused internet or installing the software. 
  7. Idle-Empire: This is one of the fastest sites to earn free rewards and cash them out. 
  8. Toluna-Influencers: It has a lot of surveys and a dedicated app where you can take the surveys on the go and earn.

There are a lot of other sites besides these which provide people rewards in the form of free bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency by taking surveys, amongst other things. 


Yes, it’s possible to earn free bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies by doing some easy, less time-consuming tasks in the comfort of your home. The users need to take advice from experts in the field or do a study. It would help them with the process and knowhows of the market. It will also allow users to decrease the risk of falling for the scams happening these days. So sign up, peeps, and earn your free bitcoins while enjoying minimal tasks and earning extra crypto. It is the best side hustle people keep talking about. 

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