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How to Fix an HP Printer That Doesn’t Print with 123.hp/setup

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You may find your HP printer not printing because of a lack of ink, communication problems between the printer and the computer, outdated drivers, or clogged printheads. Sometimes, you may load paper incorrectly or load them crumpled or folded or you can connect with 123.hp/setup Paper jams and stuck printing tasks also prevent an HP printer from printing properly. 


So, there are a number of causes for this issue that you need to resolve. If a specific solution works, you can stop troubleshooting. 

  1. Ensure that your printer has adequate paper and the toner cartridges have high ink – There should be paper in the tray so that the printer can print properly. If you already have paper, check whether any of it is jammed somewhere in the paper feed. In case of a paper jam, remove the stuck paper gently without damaging the paper feeder. After that, examine if the levels of ink are adequate for the printing to take place. 
  2. Configure your HP printer as the default device – Your computer will only send the print command to that printer, which is set as the default device. So, head to the Control Panel and choose ‘Devices and Printers.’ In the printing devices list, locate your HP printer and right-tap it. Choose the ‘Set as default printer’ option. Tap ‘Yes’ in the confirmation prompt and see whether there’s a green checkmark under the HP printer’s icon. 
  3. Update the printer driver – Find out if there’s a problem with your printer drivers. It is best to download the latest ones from the official HP website. After installing the most recent drivers, restart your computer again.
  4. Restart your printer – Another easy way to make your HP printer print is to restart it. Before restarting the printer, ensure that it is turned on and connected to the power supply. There should be no loose cables. If you use Wi-Fi to print, see if Wi-Fi is enabled. Restarting the printer will fix minor technical glitches. 
  5. Clean the ink cartridges and printhead – If cartridges are not cleaned, you will have trouble producing quality prints. So, go to the control panel, and from there, choose ‘Tools.’ After that, select ‘Clean cartridges.’ Your printer will produce a quality diagnostic report. If the quality is not acceptable, tap ‘Yes.’ You will be prompted to the next step. Also, go to ‘Setup’ followed by ‘Tools’ and touch the ‘Clean printheads’ option. After the printhead cleaning completes, do a test print.
  6. Resolve the printing jobs stuck in the queue – Your HP printer will stop printing if print jobs are stuck in the queue. This can happen because of a power outage, lack of paper, low ink, or a paper jam. Utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor to fix this issue. Download it from the official HP website on your Windows system, start it, and let it identify and troubleshoot the problems.

These measures will undoubtedly help you make your HP printer print properly. You can connect with a printer technical expert if the issue persists even after utilizing these measures. 

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