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How To Handle Patients With Alzheimer’s?

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Something that is created on this planet is bound to be destroyed, the destruction of non-living things is all of a sudden whereas the destruction of living beings is a slow and gradual process. Let us understand this through an example: the famous twin towers which were demolished in Noida, happened in a few seconds but the ageing of living things, flowers and human beings happens over a gradual course of time. The bi-product of the process of ageing is the falling of hair, losing muscle mass and also forgetfulness.

The first most early sign of ageing is the symptom of forgetfulness, forgetfulness which occurs due to the decrease in the size of the brain over some time. The decrease in the size of the brain that causes the brain size to shrink is what leads to a condition known as Alzheimer’s disease.

But what are the other symptoms of Alzheimer’s apart from forgetfulness or is forgetfulness the only symptom by which Alzheimer’s can be identified?


ASKING QUESTIONS REPETITIVELY – one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s is that the person suffering from Alzheimer’s will tend to ask questions more often than anyone else because he is unable to remember details in precise.

CHANGES IN MOOD SWINGS – repetitive mood swings of the person which may vary from extreme level of happiness to extreme level of sadness thus it becomes really difficult for a person with Alzheimer’s because Alzheimer’s makes a person’s coordination of day-to-day activities difficult.

DIFFICULTY EATING OR SWALLOWING – At a later stage of Alzheimer’s it is difficult to swallow and ingest food because the size of the brain has reduced significantly hence affecting the other organs of the body.

DIFFICULTY CONTROLLING ONE’s URINE AND FAECES – Difficulty in controlling urine is one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, the reduction in the size of the brain is one of the major symptoms that affect the overall functioning of the body, the major being the functioning of the kidneys because the brain is the supervisor of all the bodily functions of the body. “Explained one of the doctors at one of the best counselling centres in Punjab.

PROBLEMS WITH DIGESTION – One of the major problems that come along in handy with Alzheimer’s is also the problem of digestion and also the problem of assimilation thus Alzheimer’s is a condition that affects the entire functioning of the body as a whole damaging one part after the other.


Employ a full-time nurse or a family member to assist the patient – Having a full-time help person with the patient can provide a sense of security to the patient and eradicate the feeling of being isolated or left out. “Explained one of the best psychiatrists in Ludhiana. Hence it is advisable to have a nurse or a person near the patient.

Make sticky notes and stick them all over the person’s room about important details – Making sticky notes and sticking them all over the patient’s place will help him remember important details and avoid being erased from the memory.

Provide a balanced diet and encourage him/her to indulge in fitness – Helping the person indulge in fitness can help circulate blood all over the body and also with proper nutrition the deterioration can be minimised.

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