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How to Move a Chain Link Fence?

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Successfully moving a fence requires a little effort and planning. If you are expanding the boundary of your property, you don’t have to build a new fence. Just transfer an existing fence to that part and supply whatever is missing. Here’s what you can do to move a portion of your chain link fence. 

Assess the Condition of the Fence

Before you go into the trouble of transferring the fence, consider its condition. Is it in excellent shape? If the fence is nearly destroyed or only has a few good years left, you may be better off shopping for chain link fence supplies to build a new wall. But how can you tell if the fence is still good or already in a less-than-ideal condition? Researching your options will help. That way, you won’t have to lose time, money, and energy in transferring an existing fence when you’re better off investing your resources into a new one. Besides, installing a new fence is usually more worthwhile since it lasts longer. 

Inspect the Chain Link Fence Posts 

Aside from the fence, you also need to check the condition of the fence posts. How were they previously installed? That will affect their current state and help you determine if they can still be used or if you’re better off buying new posts. For instance, some anchor the posts by using cement, and that makes it hard to dig them out. You won’t be able to use them if you need to cut the posts at the base. 

Mark Out the New Line 

Mark off the perimeter where the new fence will go. You must also dig new holes for the posts. Check the fence line to make sure they are positioned within proper intervals. Once all those steps are done, you are closer to getting your fence up and in place. 

Disassemble the Fence 

Simply detach the chain link mesh from the posts. Don’t try to transfer the fence as it is. You’ll find it easier to move it around if you roll it up first. Set that aside for now and see to the fence rails. You should remove them along with the tension bars and caps. Once you’re finished, the posts should be the only things left. 

Decide About the Posts

If you still want to use the old posts, dig them out. If it’s no longer possible to do that, start looking for new posts from trusted suppliers. Be sure to get them in the correct size. Explore your options until you find posts that suit your new fence and needs. 

Set Up the Posts

Whether reusing old posts or using new ones, it’s time to set them up. Put them in the freshly-dug out holes for posts. Are the posts level? Fill the holes with concrete once you’re sure that’s the case. 

Rebuild the Fence 

After the posts, it’s time to put everything back, such as the caps, tension bars, rails, and more. That’s the last step. You’re done.

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