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How to Open EML File in Outlook Mac in Bulk? – Complete Guidelines

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Searching for a solution to the query of how to open EML file in Outlook Mac in bulk? Then you are at a correct place, through this blog, I am going to provide you the perfect technique to solve the issue regarding how to open EML file in Outlook Mac in bulk.

Lately I have switched towards Outlook email client for Mac. But the situation is like I have some essential EML data in my system. I want to get access them in OLM format. Is there any reliable solution that can help me to import EML data in OLM format. If Yes then kindly share.

Hello, I work in a company, and we have decided to shift from Windows Mail email client to Outlook for Mac email client. I have a bulk of EML files that I want to move to the OLM format. Please let me know any solution regarding this, if any.

EML to OLM Conversion Tool – A Full-Fledged Technique to Import EML to OLM in Batch Mode

CubexSoft EML to OLM Converter is an enhanced tool to import multiple EML files to OLM format in a single round. The software will also facilitate users to convert the whole folder into OLM in one time without any data loss. Users may proceed with this method without facing any restrictions on file size, user may change the size of any large size file with ease using this tool.

Users may add the EML files for conversion from all such email client which support EML format like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, emClient, DreamMail, AppleMail, Entourage, Thunderbird, etc. And there is no need to install all these application in the system as this utility is completely run independently.

Users may go with a selective migration by adding filter options such as date, to, from, subject, and exclude deleted items. There is an option available to choose the desired path for the output files as per requirement. There is a conversion log report immediately pop-ups on the screen just when the migration completes as a Notepad file, in which all the details are given such as status, time, date, destination path, number of files converted, etc.

The software may run on Windows Operating System (Windows 8, 10, 11, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, etc.) as well as Mac Operating System- Monterey, Catalina, High-Sierra, Big-Sur, Mojave, Yosemite, etc.

Steps to Migrate EML Files to OLM Formats

Follow these basic steps to convert files from EML to OLM:

Step1:  At first download the EML Converter on device.

Step2: Using “Add Files” and “Add Folder” options choose the required EML files for conversion.

Step3: Users may tick the specific items to exports from here.

Step4: Go to the “Export” optionto choose OLM file format. Then add filter and choose the destination path.

Step5: Start the migration by clicking on “Convert” button. Users receive a success notification in the end click “Ok” to finish the task.

Lets Wrap Up

By reading the above article, now users may solve the issue of how to open EML file in Outlook Mac in bulk in the best possible way. Users can launch the software on Windows and Mac Operating System  Users may opt for the trial facility i.e. available with the migration of the first 25 EML files to OLM format.

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