How to Resolve QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open?

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All accounting operations in QuickBooks are saved in the form of the Company files. As such inability to access these files can be a major concern. Did you try assorted avenues, but still Can’t open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop? This blog shall present a detail of the different troubleshooting solutions for fixing the issues encountered when opening the Company file in QuickBooks. So, keep reading!

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Solutions to troubleshoot the error “Can’t open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop”

 This section contains easy solutions that can help users in the easy rectification of the Company file issue in QuickBooks Desktop. 

Solution 1: Updating QuickBooks 

Before commencing with the update process, the user should first check the extension of the Company file. The company file should necessarily be accessed in the .QBW format. If the error still persists, go for the update of QuickBooks. The steps for the same are:

  • Start by running QuickBooks as an administrator, and then proceed the Help tab.
  • Thereafter, the next step requires clicking on the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

Update QuickBooks Desktop Screenshot Image

  • Now, proceed as per the onscreen instructions, and finally click on Get Updates tab.

Update QuickBooks desktop Screenshot

  • When the updates are done, QuickBooks program needs to be restarted and the downloaded updates shall install automatically.
  • When the update is successfully complete, the user should try to open the company file in the QBW extension again.


Solution 2: Open the Company file but avoid saving Windows 

The steps for opening the company file without saving windows are given below:

  • Initially, make sure to run QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator.
  • Next, the user should opt for the company file in the No Company Open window.

No company file open windows Screenshot

  • Then, click on Open and keep holding the ALT tab till the file opens successfully. Follow up by clicking on Ok by holding ALT once more.
  • If the company file opens successfully, the user should disable the setting to save the desktop after shutting.
  • For this, opt for the Preferences option under the Edit menu.

Select my preferences option Screenshot

  • Herein, opt for the Desktop View option.
  • Choose Don’t Save the Desktop, and then click on OK tab.
  • Now, try opening the company file upon closing and reopening QuickBooks.


Solution 3: On the workstations disable the hosting

Turning off the option to Host Multi-User Access on the workstations can be an effective solution if you cant open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop. Pertinently, then hosting privileges should be given to the server computer only. The steps for disabling the hosting on the workstations are:

  • Launch QuickBooks on the workstations.
  • The next steps is to hit on File, followed by Utilities.
  • The user needs to avoid choosing the option to Host Multi-User Access (is the option shows up on the screen). 

Host multi user access Screenshot

  • The main step is to click on the option to Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.

Stop Hosting Multi User Access Screenshot

  • The same steps need to be performed on the other workstations.
  • When the multiuser mode has been successfully disabled on all the workstations, the user should access the Server PC and enable the multiuser option only on this system.
  • Once all the foregoing steps are adhered properly, the user can open the company file and check if the file opens without any issue this time around.


Solution 4: Opening a sample company file

Open a Sample File Screenshot

Another strategy to follow if you can’t open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop is to go for the creation of a sample company file. For this, the user needs to run QuickBooks as an admin and then choose the option to Open a Sample file.


Solution 5: Moving the company file

In some cases, it is the location of the company file due to which you can’t open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop. To get this sorted out, the user should consider moving the file to some other location. The easy procedure for the same is given below:

  • At first, make a move to the folder which contains the company files. Just right-click the QuickBooks file on the Desktop and then hit on Properties to choose Open File Location option.

Open or Restore Company QBPS Screenshot

  • This step will directly the user to the company file folder. The subsequent steps requires right-clicking the company file which was encountering the error and then opting for the Copy option.
  • The next step involves the creation of a new folder on the desktop and pasting the company file in this new folder. 
  • Follow up by opening QuickBooks and then opening the company file.



This article discussed the various solutions that you can follow if you can’t open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop. To avail assistance from our experienced QuickBooks desktop error support professionals, you can ring our team at the helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347.

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