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Importance of hard drives and apps to recover data 2023

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The use of digital equipment is so much. For data storage, a Hard Disk is being used. This is one of the most accessible ways to store data; you can also travel. Sometimes accidentally, we lose terabytes of data in seconds. At that time, many companies helped recover the data with the help of some tools. Companies situated for Data Recovery Hobart also use these tools. 

Suppose you lose data from the laptop. You can easily access Laptop Data Recovery Moonah for immediate help. Companies for data recovery have technology experts. Who knows every detail of the techniques used to recover the data? 

What is a hard drive?

It is a drive used for permanent external storage. Terabytes of data can be stored in these drives. It consists of magnetic disks which help in keeping the data. The material used in these harddisks is rigid, making it possible to run the plates at 7,200 rpm. The primary function of this device is to store data which helps the computer system or laptop perform more efficiently.

Reason for losing data:

Accidentally lose data: You may lose data due to physical harm to the hard drive. Sometimes you delete the files from the recycle bin without a second check. Both the data are lost and can be recovered with the below-listed tools.

Hard disk not working properly: sometimes the hard drive components stop working as a fuse occurs inside the drive due to diodes or beeping noises coming like something is stuck between the plates. These can be the primary reason for losing data.Hard drives are excessively heated up: due to excessive heating sometimes files get corrupted and not opened; they can be revived by the usage of certain tools.

Tools to recover data. 

Disk Drill: this is a user-friendly tool that easily gets downloaded on Windows and Mac. In Windows, it provides free data recovery of up to 500 MB. The process of recovering data is straightforward, and you can also recover file names and structures too.

TestDisk: this tool operates on operating systems using the command line but lacks a graphical interface. Easy to install and free. 

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery: this tool is best for Windows only as it does get installed on Mac or other operating systems. Freely you can recover 1 GB of data. It quickly recovers deleted files and comes up with BitLocker encryption. 

PhotoRec: one of the most versatile tools, as it recovers file extensions like PNG, JPG, MP3, and other PowerPoint presentations, can be recovered. It also has a command line tool and does not have any interface. 

R-Studio: it is a little hard for a beginner to use, but for an experienced technician, it is effortless to recover files through this tool. 

EaseUS Data Recovery: this tool provides recovery of 2 GB of data free, and you can enjoy unlimited services after a paid licence. 

Wondershare Recoverit: this tool can recover data from around 1000 file formats and has a fantastic interface, too, and runs on windows and Mac.

Recuva: with this tool, you can recover unlimited free data and also operate in many modes and languages.

Data Rescue 6: it is another tool mainly used by commercial and corporate use to recover files. It only operates in the English language. 

DiskGenius: another genuine tool to recover data that comes with a 30-day trial pack. The services are amazing. You take a while to get under the user’s face. 

Windows File Recovery: the latest version of this tool was launched in 2020. It gives you free access to recover data and comes with Microsoft. 


Suppose you have accidentally lost the data. Then come to I Technology to get proper assistance for data recovery. They have appropriate teams and technicians to get your data recovered. They come as a relief after a nightmare.

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