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Industrial packaging is an essential component of the manufacturing process, which allows industrial-grade items and items to be kept safe during transport and shipping.

It is available in a range of sizes and shapes, with a variety of materials to pick from.

Every product has its particular requirements with regards to packaging. It’s crucial to determine which kind of industrial packaging will work the best in each situation.


The industrial packaging was designed specifically to protect and store industrial products.

It is typically made to fit specific items that are utilized on a massive industrial scale.

This could range from concrete to chemicals therefore there’s a wide assortment of industrial packaging that can satisfy the diverse requirements.

Industrial packaging must be durable and robust. It must make transport and storage less difficult and should be able to protect the contents from bumps and dents or spills while in transit.

It is also necessary to mark and track products as well as in some instances to promote them as well. It is often accompanied by instructions or warnings on the outside related to the product inside.


The main distinction between consumer and industrial packaging is the amount of packaging involved.

The industrial packaging can be designed to store massive quantities of a single producton a greater scale than what consumer packaging is designed to.

For example, a business could be selling a fad drink. For the customer the beverage, they’d package it into an easy-to-handle aluminum container.

At a larger scale this same beverage may require transportation in larger drums or containers, or large amounts of aluminum cans could be packed together and then shipped in large quantities, using industrial-sized containers to ensure their safety.


Industrial packaging is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, however, there are some important materials that are commonly used within their design.


Industrial packaging needs to be durable, tough and durable, as well as reusable. Steel meets all these criteria that’s why it’s the ideal material for industrial transport and storage.

The most common way to find steel is on steel drums that are used for transporting semi-solids as well as liquids, such as oils or food items.

Frames made of steel are also utilized to provide additional layers of protection to industrial equipment.


Industrial packaging is usually plastic that is strong, durable and recyclable.

Drums made of plastic are utilized for storage and transportation of a variety of liquids and food items They are also utilized to transport corrosive or dangerous products (and toxic waste).

It is affordable to produce and is easily molded into a wide range of sizes and shapes to satisfy a variety of industrial requirements.


Cardboard is among the most widely utilized materials for industrial use in packaging.

The most obvious usage for cardboard boxes is. They are cheap and recyclable, and are available in an array of sizes.

The cardboard boxes are extremely durable. If you’ve got large items that require security, double-walled cardboard boxes offer an extra level of security.


Industrial packaging is intended to be used for industrial use. It’s used in production or supply process.

The items transported are required in huge quantities in factories or warehouses, where they are stored or used during the next phase of manufacturing.

For example, a huge-scale food company might require industrial packaging for storing and transporting huge quantities of fillings or spices to their customers.

The customer can then turn these items into a specific food item that is available on shelves of supermarkets.


There are a variety of scenarios in which industrial packaging can be utilized for industrial packaging, such as the following situations:

  • If massive quantities of a particular product have to be shipped
  • If massive quantities of a particular product are required to be kept in warehouses or other similar locations
  • In the event of hazardous materials, they must be transported or stored safely, they must be done so in a safe manner.
  • Large objects need to be secured
  • If heavy objects need to be moved
  • Many more similar scenarios involving industrial goods


Industrial packaging is crucial due to a myriad of reasons.

As previously mentioned it can help protect the products when they are stored in warehouses as well as when they are being transported to their destination.

In many instances industrial packaging permits products to be kept and transported safely, particularly when they could be hazardous for human health (chemicals or dangerous substances for instance).

For safety and health industrial packaging is essential. It also assists in label products and to organize massive quantities of the same item.


It is crucial to select the appropriate container for the product you are selling. Selecting the right type of packaging will assist in better protecting your goods during transportation and storage.

The selection of the best industrial packaging is contingent on several aspects. You must take into account the following factors:

  • How large and bulky are your products?
  • How much does your product weigh?
  • How fragile are your products?
  • Does your product have a solid or liquid, or something between?
  • Does your product pose a risk of corrosiveness or potentially hazardous?

For lightweight products, cardboard boxes might work best.

For oil, steel drums are the best alternative.

For drinks or food items A large IBC (intermediate large bulk container) could be a good option for transporting large quantities of food items.

In certain situations it is also possible to comply with legal or industry requirements for packaging the product to comply with safety and health standards.

This is especially crucial in the event that your products are risky.

We are ITP Packaging, we stock an extensive range of industrial packaging alternatives.

It’s the foundation of our business and our team has many years of experience in this area.

To get expert advice or make an industrial packaging order, call ITP Packaging and speak with one of our knowledgeable team.

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