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Kitchen Worktops In Kent – Why Consider Slabs And Stones?

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A kitchen is the center point of your home. More than anything kitchens are for living. They are a hive of activity and are filled with energy. Nowadays kitchens have taken a whole new level of importance. Not only does it contain everything needed to prepare a meal it is also a hub for storage and seating. It is also the center of communication in many households. The kitchen is an essential room in the house as it gives a direction of focus to the house.

As the kitchen is the center point of the house, you must have a kitchen that meets your necessities and suits your family’s character. A good kitchen should be convenient and aesthetically pleasing as well. In our opinion, the most important aspect of a good kitchen is defined by its worktop.

Remodeling a kitchen requires a keen eye for detail. A person needs to consider style, usability, and many other things, especially when picking out a worktop. If you do not select the right worktop a kitchen will never be able to provide you with its full potential. 

Keep on reading further to help you select the best worktops for your kitchen   

Qualities You Need To Check In Worktops in Kent

To make sure that your kitchen can work to its full potential and that you don’t have a below-average kitchen make sure that your worktop has the following qualities.

Durability- It’s What Matters The Most!

Imagine selling your house with a kitchen whose worktops have cracks and stains all over it. Or you have a big family event coming up but the worktop on your kitchen island is all worn out. Remodeling your kitchen after a short period is not as easy as is to say, which is why you should choose a durable worktop, for example, granite is the best choice.

Resistant Against Germs and Scratches

Stains are a common problem in the kitchen caused due to splashes here and there in the cooking process. If your worktop produces splashes easily, it could make your kitchen look untidy, and thus your kitchen may never look clean, trust us when we say no one likes a dirty kitchen!

Low Maintenance 

If your kitchen requires extra effort and materials for cleaning up perfectly and you have to spend time and money on it then it is a problem that you can remove by choosing a low-maintenance worktop 

Heat Resistant 

While working in a kitchen things have to heat up and sometimes you just need to keep hot pots and pans on your worktops. Low-Quality worktops can easily be damaged by heat so make sure that your worktop is heat resistant.

Choose A Style That Suits You and Your Family Needs 

When choosing a kitchen worktop it’s important to understand what style will best serve your needs. Some of the most popular styles include traditional, contemporary, and rustic. Traditional kitchens often have a more classic look with wood cabinets and a granite top. Contemporary kitchens are a little more minimalistic with sleek cabinets. Rustic kitchens give a more natural look, usually paired with granite worktops.

Check Out Different Colors, Patterns, and Textures 

You should always look for a color that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen. For instance, in a traditional kitchen, a worktop with black and brown colors will go the best.

You should also consider the texture and pattern of your worktop. Granite is a popular choice as it comes in many colors and textures.

Granite Worktops – Why are they the best?

Highly resistant to Scratches 

You can even cut directly into the granite and it wouldn’t leave a scratch, but there’s a chance that you will dull your kitchen knives 

Not Sealed Regularly? No Problem!

Depending on the color your granite should only be sealed 1 to 2 times a year

Easy To Clean

Nobody likes extra chores, now do they? well using a granite kitchen top will allow you to have some relief from this part as granite is low maintenance and will remain shiny for up to 5 years with just regular, simple cleaning.

Decide On A Budget 

When choosing your worktop it’s important to decide on a budget as some materials like quartz may be more expensive than others 

Get An Experts Advise

To make sure that you get the best worktop for your kitchen, make sure to take a piece of advice from an expert. The expert will  look into the style and aesthetics of your kitchen also considering how much time you’re going to spend in the Kitchen and then tell you the most suitable material for your kitchen 


The one single thing you need to take care of is that granite should not be cleaned with chemicals 

After Care

Even though granite is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available for your Kitchen worktops in kent, it still requires some care in order to maintain its beauty.

Why Consider Slabs And Stones?

Keeping the above-mentioned aspects in view we can surely say that Slabs and Stones can easily provide you with the best service and excellent worktop materials with exciting colors and textures. Their after-sales service allows you to be free of mind about the maintenance of your beautiful Kitchen worktop.

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