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Know About Montessori Gym and Their Developmental Benefits

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As a parent, you must know that climbing helps kids develop the skills necessary to adapt to novel situations early on. Climbing offers various advantages for cognitive development, whether your infant crawls and climbs over some pillows or your toddler gets onto the back of your couch. Fortunately for parents, this activity doesn’t have to originate from the furniture. 

Children can climb on a variety of playthings safely, like Montessori Gym from Lily and River. Kids can play at Montessori Gym inside for hours since they offer many game options. They are also good for keeping their minds and bodies active. Keep on reading to discover more about it!

What is a Montessori Gym?

The Montessori Gyms are excellent tools for fostering your child’s growth and development. They are available in various shapes and sizes to develop with your kids as they age!

Moreover, they are robust constructions that curve over your infant and hang entertaining items for new borns and young babies. They can enjoy looking at, holding, and even moving these dangling toys around and squeezing them with their little hands.

In-home play gyms are a lifesaver when you can’t get your kids to the park to burn off steam as they grow and gain more energy! More sophisticated playsets are available at Lily and River, like step 2 climber and slide for toddlers and growing kids who have started to walk to practice climbing and to crawl in the comfort of their homes. 

How do they help children?

Depending on your kid’s developmental stage, you can buy a Montessori Gym. You can use it if your infant is able to interact with it while lying comfortably on their back or stomach. Infants don’t need any ultra-fancy devices at this stage of development. To ensure everything is in order, keep an eye on your child constantly, just like you would during regular time.

You can modify them as necessary as your child grows and needs more stimuli to advance their development. There are Montessori Gyms for every early developmental stage, ranging from more engaging overhead toys to full-on in-home crawling structures like Step 2 climber and slide as kids become more mobile.

Developmental benefits of Montessori Gym

The entire body is used while playing and climbing, using gross and fine motor abilities. Your child uses the major muscles in their arms, back, legs, and core when they crawl through a tunnel, pull themselves up onto a top platform, or climb through a ladder. They’ll learn to balance and regulate their bodies as they slide down the slide while playing with step 2 climber and slide.

Children exercise their hand and wrist muscles when grabbing imaginary pebbles and climbing the wall, an exciting and engaging approach to enhance their fine motor skills. Toddlers employ these skills to grasp platforms, handles, and ladders.

Montessori Gyms are a great way to promote your child’s growth. A Montessori Gym can benefit your child’s cognitive growth and comprehension, visual perception of the toys above them, ability to grab objects and train their grip strength, and all these skills even as early as six weeks of age.

The benefits improve as your infant moves on to more complex gyms. Your baby will improve hand-eye coordination as they play in more challenging gyms. A gym for older kids effectively offers all the advantages of a playground but inside your own home!

Is Montessori Gym safe for kids?

They are safe as long as you choose the right one for your child’s age and as long as you set it up using the proper safety measures. Furthermore, it’s crucial to have a stable, non-slip, padded playmat below, whether for a little one or an elder child. This will ensure that babies are completely supported and at ease when lying on their backs and that elder kids have a soft surface to catch their fall in case they misstep while playing.

It’s also crucial to ensure you don’t buy structures too high off the ground if you’re buying more sophisticated gyms. Nonetheless, most are made with this in mind and won’t be excessively high anyway because they will be indoors.

Lastly, because your child will be dealing intimately with the gym, ensure you consider the brand’s safety certifications and non-toxic guarantees. You don’t want your child playing with any harmful substances to get into direct contact with them!

The best place to buy Montessori Gym

Montessori Gyms are a fantastic method to keep your child occupied and amused while promoting development! The Little Mobile and Step 2 climber and slide from Lily and River is the ideal play gym for your kids. Your child will be intrigued by this little mobile because it has a non-toxic hardwood frame and a lot of baby-friendly sensory toys. It is also completely safe.

The little mobile and a selection of toys like the Step 2 climber and slide will aid your child’s growth. A wide selection of playsets, climbers, rockers, and balance boards are available at Lily and River. Whatever type of play your child prefers, they have the ideal item to fulfill their fantasies! They are all made of solid wood and meet all requirements for important safety certifications. They help improve physical skills, critical thinking, bodily strength, creativity, and more.

Wrap up

To conclude, climbing is a full-body workout that stimulates the child’s mind! Buying Montessori Gym is a fantastic method to improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills, physical activity, and social abilities. They also support willpower, goal-setting, and critical thinking.

With all these wonderful advantages, it’s time to acquire a climber playset! Visit Lily and River’s website to find the best climbing sets for kids. These climbers are a fantastic way to get your kids playing, moving, and sharpening their minds.

Does your child enjoy climbing? Toddlers still learning to stand and walk, and those adept at those activities can enjoy and benefit from the Step 2 climber and slide. At the same time, younger children can develop their fine motor skills with these fantastic playsets. Buy now!

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