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Know How Facial Hair Restoration Will Change Your Life

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Balding or thinning doesn’t only happen on the scalp. Instead, you can experience it on the eyebrows or beards. Men who experience hair loss in their brows typically undergo a beard hair transplant surgery to achieve a natural appearance. You do not need to be a hipster to opt for a stylish beard on your face. A burly beard is known to be among the most attractive features and can look great on men of all ages from several ethnicities. For many men, growing beards is usually challenging as avoiding the razor and letting nature take its course. Hereditary genes can make beard growth difficult. Hence this results in a patchy rather than a styled and groomed beard. The beard transplant surgery is the best way to generate new hair growth on the face since it uses individual hair follicles to offer realistic outcomes. Like any other cosmetic treatment, facial hair restoration surgery is invasive. So, always seek professional help before you consider going ahead with this procedure. We discuss ways in which this procedure can change your life in this article.

7 Ways Facial Hair Can Change Your Life

1. It Makes You Look Better

Did you know that facial hair loss affects your appearance? It doesn’t only affect how you view yourself; it can also impact how you see others. Patchy beards can make you appear unkempt, making you not feel better about yourself. A facial hair restoration surgery can significantly improve your appearance, and you will love the reflection that looks back at you each morning. The procedure can also make you look more youthful and make you appear more attractive.

2. It Makes You Feel Confident

When you don’t feel attractive, you tend to lose your confidence. You might even start ignoring things you once loved, even if your facial hair doesn’t play any part in it. How you perform at work can also be affected because your sinking confidence stops you from expressing your ideas. Looking good makes you feel good, and a facial hair restoration surgery improves your appearance and gives you the confidence you desire.

3. It provides a Natural Appearance

Hair transplant techniques had improved since the 70s and 80s when the surgery was called “plugs.” The outdated procedures would leave patients with unnatural results. But the FUE technique leaves patients with natural results because it allows extreme precision. After this procedure, it will be hard to tell if you had this procedure done.

4. Offers Lasting Outcomes

A facial hair transplant surgery offers permanent outcomes. The donor’s hair is usually harvested from the back of the scalp. This area is resistant to hair loss, and the hair will maintain resistance even after transplantation to the beard. Also, this means you will have a full beard or mustache permanently.

5. It helps You to Style Your Beards

Your style options are limited when you have a thin or no beard. Having a full beard means you can style it as you desire since the possibilities are limitless. A beard transplant surgery will help you achieve this. After the surgery, you will enjoy full beards that you can style and shape.

6. Improves Your Social Media Presence

Everything is online these days. Social platforms are the best ways to connect with friends and family or even your job portfolio or company website. Most of these platforms require you to display your photo. Moreover, having patchy or thinning beards can affect the people looking at your profile, be it a potential date, client or employer. This could give a negative impression to friends. But after a facial hair transplant surgery, your appearance will significantly improve, and you will have a more positive influence on your social life.

7. Boosts Your Performance at Work

Appearance can affect your ability to get ahead at work or get hired. This is because it gives an impression that you are not worth the investment since you will only be around for a short time. The employers and coworkers might think you are irrelevant and your ideas need to be updated. As mentioned earlier, a beard transplant surgery can make you look younger and more confident. This will cause you to get noticed at work and stand out in interviews, helping you get ahead.

Final Thought

A facial hair restoration surgery can change your life for the better. Contact Beverly Hills hair restoration clinic if you have questions related to facial hair. Dr. Kahen is the most experienced physician, with about 40 years of experience in cosmetic procedures. He also has conducted several scar-repairing cases to his credit. And he is among the surgeons that brought scalp micropigmentation into practice. But his artistic sense has enabled him to achieve the best results with beard transplants.

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