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Learn How Lico Can Revolutionize Your Business and Change It Forever

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Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration high-performance computing platform lets you manage the entire software and hardware stack due to an intuitive user interface. This software essentially serves as a management and coordination tool for HPC and AI applications. Moreover, by streamlining user configuration, the computing platform can cut down on the time needed for infrastructure setup and management.

In addition, LiCO gives users the option to train and infer their datasets using one of the numerous approved AI use cases without having to write or change any code. This makes it perfect for all enterprises and organizations. In summary, because it gives them access to trustworthy materials, this is tremendously beneficial for academics and data scientists.

Here are the points of LiCO that can explain to you how it can revolutionize your business and change it forever.

Simple Administration

  • Administrators can control and keep an eye on their infrastructure using the unified management dashboard provided by Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration.
  • The software makes the device perform more efficiently while removing clusters.
  • The program makes it simple to configure and can greatly simplify the administration of HPC and AI infrastructure.
  • The graphical user interface (GUI) of the LiCO management console makes it easier to do a number of tasks, including resource configuration, cluster management, workload scheduling and monitoring, and user account administration. All of this facilitates the operation of the company environment and fosters business growth.
  • With the use of this platform, routine tasks like allocating resources and configuring them, scheduling workloads, and managing data flow can all be automated. As a result, the production of the business increases, and the workload for IT staff is reduced.

Controlled More Easily

The centralized management interface provided by LiCO allows users to manage all of their AI and HPC workloads from a single location. Fewer mistakes can be made as a result of the management process’s simplification, and infrastructure maintenance and optimization are also made easier. The Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration software takes care of the remainder of the technical work, so IT professionals just need to confirm whether the system is operating properly or not. Moreover, this promotes the smooth working of the device on which it is installed.

Support for Multiple Clouds

Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration allows for the creation and deployment of instances on the cluster. For various software environments and projects, the user can customize a number of instances, making it easier for them to complete everyday tasks as well as other tasks. Furthermore, customers can modify the software to suit their unique business needs and specifications. The user can also select the number of computing resources needed in order to enhance task performance and optimize resource use on the cluster. This makes for a smooth and running business environment. Also, it promotes IT’s working capacities.

Higher Scalability

One of the main objectives of Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration is to increase scalability for applications utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). This facilitates the user’s work and makes it comfortable. LiCO, on the other hand, supports numerous clusters, data centers, and clouds that are all administered from a single central place, which enables higher scalability. In this way, managers can easily increase the capacity of their infrastructure by allocating and controlling resources across many sites. With the use of this program, workloads can be transferred between on-premises and cloud environments, and resources can be provisioned using public cloud providers like AWS and Azure.


The interface can let businesses scale their HPC and AI workloads as needed by dynamically allocating resources as demand increases. The implication is that businesses don’t need to manually manage resources in order to scale up or down in response to shifting requirements. In order to save time and effort, users can configure the software as needed rather than always altering it.

Effective Protection 

One of the key security features of Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration is the ability for user authentication and access controls. This also allows easy data transfer and reception. The company’s administrators are able to specify the level of access that is permitted for the individuals to whom the data is to be sent. The data receiver can quickly evaluate and manage the files and data as a result. This makes it feasible to ensure that only individuals with authorization can access critical infrastructure and private data. In addition, it provides built-in data encryption capabilities that support the security of both at-rest and in-transit data.

The compliance of LiCO with industry norms and laws like GDPR and HIPAA is another security feature. It provides reporting and auditing solutions that help businesses demonstrate their compliance with set laws and regulations.


Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration, or LiCO, has the power to completely reshape your company. Lenovo’s Intelligent Computing Orchestration gives businesses the potential to reach new heights of effectiveness, scalability, and performance due to its sophisticated management and optimization capabilities for computing infrastructure.

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