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Learn How to Fix ‘QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer’ Error

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QuickBooks requires a printing application and Windows components to print documents for you. But while printing payroll tax forms, statements, and checks, you have encountered an unknown error ‘QuickBooks unable to locate PDF viewerwith an error message, You need PDF software to view and print the reconciliation report.’ 

Finding a resolution to fix this error alone can be difficult and overwhelming. We are writing this expert guide to ensure you can print your documents. Give a full read to this blog to know the possible causes and their resolution methods.    

Understanding the complete guide that contains technical information to fix PDF viewer errors can be difficult for you. Dial +1(855)-738-0359 to get help and guidance from the technical experts

Reasons Why ‘QuickBooks Cannot Locate PDF Viewer’

QuickBooks cannot locate PDF viewer‘ error encounters most commonly because of using an outdated version of QuickBooks. There can be multiple reasons besides that you face difficulty printing in QuickBooks. Let’s get familiar with those reasons: 

  • An outdated version of Adobe Readers is installed in Windows. 
  • Adobe Reader is not set up as the default reader. 
  • Qbprint.qbp File is damaged or missing from the Installation directory.

Find Out the Solutions to Rectify ‘Unable to Locate PDF Viewer’ 

Printing problems in QuickBooks can affect your productivity and makes you unable to print checks, payroll tax forms, and related tasks. To help you fix this error and work without any disturbance, below we are mentioning some troubleshooting solutions; follow carefully: 

Solution 1: Update, Repair, or Reinstall Adobe Reader

Update Adobe Reader:  

  • Go to the Download page of Adobe. 
  • Check the latest version of Adobe from the website. 
  • Now Adobe app on your website, go to the Help menu and select the Check for Updates button. 
  • Further, follow the displayed instructions to download the update.

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Repair Adobe Reader: 

  • Close all the running applications on Windows and launch Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Go to the Help and select Clear Repair Installation. 
  • Wait until you receive the completion message and retry to print. 

Reinstall Adobe Reader: 

  • Press Windows R + appwiz.cpl in the open section and OK.
  • Tap on View Installed Updates under Program and Feature Window.
  • Look for Adobe Reader and right-click on it to uninstall. 
  • Open the Internet browser and navigate to the download page of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Click on the Install button and select the Windows version you are using. 
  • Once the update is downloaded, click run. 
  • Click Finish after installation.

Updating, repairing, and reinstalling Adobe Reader will help you fix the ‘unable to locate PDF viewer‘ error. If you still face issues while printing checks, move to our Next solution.  

Solution 2: Rename Qbprint.qbp File 

  • Windows File Manager and click the Organize option from the top right corner. 
  • Select Folder and Search Option, and under the View tab, unmark the Show Hidden Files, Folders, or Drive option. 
  • Navigate to the Program Data folder in the C Drive and open the Intuit folder. 
  • Right-click the Qbprint.qbp file and then double-click the QuickBooks folder.   
  • Rename and type Qbprint.old. 
  • Save the file name. 

Hope you have comprehended and resolved ‘QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer‘. If you haven’t, call us on +1(855)-738-0359 to QuickBooks with business specialists.

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