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Learn To Draw Snoopy Simple Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

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Simple Drawings For Kids Creating Pictures On the night before Christmas, when it was 40 below zero, Snoopy ventured upward in search of his adversary. “Snoopy’s Christmas,” a song by the Royal Guardsmen.

Would you like to learn how to draw Snoopy carrying a Christmas present while donning a Santa hat? He’s one of your favorite animated canines. You will learn how to make cartoon characters with this straightforward, step-by-step tutorial. Simple Drawings For Kids is the title Snoopy appears in the Peanuts comic books and animated series by Charles Schulz. He is Charlie Brown’s cherished beagle companion.

Simple Snoopy Kids Drawings in the Basic Style

Snoopy’s first Christmas special was A Charlie Brown Christmas, which debuted in 1965. It shows Snoopy’s doghouse triumphing in a competition for holiday decorations.

The dog I want for Christmas. Christmas is now here. A selection of Christmas tales by Charles Brown Charlie Brown appeared in several Christmas specials from the Peanuts gang. Snoopy naturally played a significant role in each.

One of Snoopy’s most well-known personas—a World War I flying ace facing the Red Baron—was included in The Royal Guardsmen’s 1960 holiday song. The antagonists in the song decide to put an end to their quarrel over the holidays.

Sketching Snoopy One by One


  • The first step is to sketch Snoopy’s face. Around his muzzle, draw a diagonal line. Then, add little oval shading to the eyes and nose. Make a big “U” shape to represent the smiling lips.


  • Draw two curving lines on Snoopy’s forehead and connect them at each end. This is the brim of Snoopy’s hat. The brim should be curled downward; this will be the pointed top of the hat. Then, make a curve that goes around Snoopy’s ear.


  • A long, curved line should be used to outline the final hat. Create a circle to finish. Draw a curving line to finish Snoopy’s head and neck.


  • Create a neck shape by joining two curved lines and adding short lines on either side. This scarf is being worn by Snoopy. The arm is then shown by two curving lines. To begin drawing the fingers, use “U” forms.


  • Use intersecting curving lines to finish Snoopy’s fingers and hand. Draw the end of the scarf so that it is flapping now. From the arm and neck, draw two curved lines, uniting them at the end. Draw a few tiny lines to represent the fringe near the end of the scarf.


  • Draw the object that Snoopy is holding. First, draw a bow. Use overlapping curved lines to hide the knot and bow’s edges. Then, a network of interconnected lines is used to outline the three-dimensional box.


  • Add ribbons to both sides of the package, give the texture of the bow curving lines to give it more complexity, and outline the sides of the box. Below the present, draw a curved line over Snoopy’s midsection.


  • Finish the body by drawing curved lines on Snoopy’s leg, foot, and tail, and in one location on his back.


  • Draw Snoopy’s foot and last leg. The toes are encircled by tiny curving lines.

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