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Love Lake Dubai

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There are many interesting places to explore in Dubai. Each year, Dubai unveils new and exciting attractions that take us all off guard. In addition to the highest tower and the largest shopping mall in the world, there are natural wonders in Dubai. What is the first thing that comes to your mind as you consider the lushest areas in Dubai? The majority of people would say, “The Miracle Garden Dubai,” and you might be right if you haven’t yet visited Love Lake Dubai.

The world learned of Love Lake Dubai when the crown prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed of Dubai, who is also who is the Crown Prince of Dubai shared a picture of the artificial water body via his Instagram handle. Since the time, Love Lake Dubai has been drawing thousands of people to visit. Love Lake is part of the artificial lakes complex that was designed as a natural habitat birds, desert animals as well as desert shrubs. The entire lake complex is referred to in the region of Al Qudra.

A Lake In The Middle Of The Sands

In the middle of an arid desert Love Lake and the lush green area surrounding it offer a unique look. If you glance towards any direction away from Love Lake, it is all sand to the extent that your eyes can see, with the exception of for this particular patch. Love Lake is considerably away from the bustling and heavily populous Dubai City. What is the reason for it being called Love Lake?

Love Lake is a combination of two lakes that are formed by interlocking hearts. It is designed to stimulate curiosity and inspire young hearts to find the expression of their feelings. The lakes are laid out across an area of five million square metres. So, what is a better title to give it then Love Lake? The trees in the area are ascribed with the word ‘Love. It is dedicated to giving the love of all that is it is able to easily be regarded for being one of the most romantic locations in Dubai.

Al Qudra Lakes – A Romantic Place in the Desert

It is located in the Al Qudra Lake complex is situated in Al Ain from Dubai, within the Al Salaam Desert area. This is part the Al Marmoom Conservatory. Al Qudra Lake is 30 minutes away of Downtown Dubai. Because it is situated in the tranquil Desert and away from the bustle of the city it is essential to put in the effort to visit here. It is best to use your vehicle to drive there or hail a cab. The RTA bus number. 67 goes from Al Qudra Road Bus station from Dubai and takes close to three hours to get there. Once you’ve reached the Bus station, it is an easy walk of 20 minutes up to Al Qudra Lakes. Be careful when choosing a route in order to use all of your energy for enjoying your day at Love: Lake. Love: Lake. Additionally, the walk through Love Lake could tire you out. Choose carefully and have pleasure while you’re there.

Why Visit Love Lake

The lake is more than a grilling location or a spot to enjoy a walk in the evening. It is certainly one of the most innovative tourist things to do in Dubai. The location is serene and tranquil, far from the bustle of Dubai. The Lake is a great option for you want to spend a night with your beloved one or a group of friends and have a peace and quiet.

From here, you can be able to witness the most stunning sunsets in Dubai. The sun’s bright orange glow as well as the golden sands and lush greenery go more than words can describe. So, the ideal moment to go Love Lake is an hour before sunset. When the weather is perfect you can stay for all day in the park taking in the surroundings and listening to the songs of birds.

More than 16,000 trees and plants in the park are located around Love Lake. Tree branches begonia the shrubs, and everything else are in the shape of hearts. Here, nature becomes part of your affection. Visit us to find yourself in love with nature over and over again.

Additionally, it is the perfect place to run and pet walking as well as picnicking. Since there are no housing developments nearby and there isn’t a lot of runners in this park. There are cyclists in the park, however.

It is possible to take your feet off and take a stroll in the water and signboards indicate the areas of shallow water in the lake. A portion in the water is actually a fish pond that is filled in Koi Carp as well as Goldfish. Koi Carp might make you nervous with their massive mouths However, these fish are completely safe to handle. They aren’t a biting fish. There are a variety of Instagrammable places within Love Lake Park. Each of them is with different forms and shapes that are heart-shaped. It is important to note that fishing is strictly prohibited and is punishable.

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