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Love Tarot Readings And The Lovers

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The Lovers, also known as the Princesses, are the sixth card in the Major Arcana. They are usually associated with chastity and marriage. This card represents the feminine aspect of a relationship. The Lovers represents those purer aspects of a human being that prefer to keep their personal and romantic side private. The Lovers represents the aspects of the female personality which prefer to keep their feelings and private matters to themselves. In Tarot readings, the Lovers often act as a symbol of faithfulness, since they are the companions of the Chariot.

Traditionally, The Lovers are depicted as women wearing white garments and long gowns. The usual scenario depicts a white horse with a white rider leading a pair of lovers to the wedding of a happily married couple. This image is so beloved that it can be found throughout many ancient poems, plays and tales. However, in recent times the Lovers have become a more ambiguous symbol – one that has shed some of its traditional meanings for the profundity of the symbolism.

The Lovers are one of the seven cards in a tarot spread that possesses a reversed love meaning. As depicted in the Tarot, the Lovers are reversed in position than they are upright. This characteristic provides an intimate and even slightly suggestive connection between the reversed position of the Lovers and intimate sexual relationships.

For example, if the Lovers are reversed in position then they are in a relationship that is purely physical. Although the Lovers are important in the overall scheme of things for providing the foundation for all relationships, physical intimacy and happiness are only one profound aspect of them. For many lovers, the Lovers represent the fulfilment of their romantic ideals. However, this fulfilment is not without its own set of problems. Often the Lovers are depicted as the frustrated lovers or the ones too involved with the moment.

For those who are searching for deeper meaning the Lovers tarot card can convey a lot of information. For lovers who are not sure whether their current romantic relationship is meaningful or not the Lovers will help to point out the importance of the current relationship to their overall happiness. Another suggestion is that the Lovers may point out the flaw in your current romantic relationship. In other words, the Lovers may offer a bit of practical advice to help you discover the real meaning of your relationship. The Lovers tarot card can also remind you of the significance of your own needs and wants to find the kind of relationship you are looking for to make your life meaningful.

Finally, the Lovers can also symbolize a time in your life when your romantic relationship reached a new level of intensity and romance. At this time the Lovers can indicate a time for transition and change. They often suggest the need to release old feelings and reprogram old habits. The Lovers can symbolize a new beginning and a fresh start, which can lead one to new romantic adventures and encounters. When the Lovers are prominent in a love Tarot reading they can indicate the beginnings of a whole new relationship. 

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