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Maintaining A Boat’s Outboard Motor for Optimal Power

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Are you an avid or a wanna-be boater looking to get into the water? Well, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll cover how to maintain your outboard motor, so it continues to run at top-level power all year. This is for all outboard motors, not just your run-of-the-mill boat engine, including Honda and Mercury. We’ll also discuss other general tips for proper maintenance and upkeep of marine engines.

Fresh Water

It’s no secret that outboard motors need to be kept in good shape, but did you know that the water you use can also impact your engine’s performance? The best way to ensure that your engine gets the cleanest water possible is by using fresh water.

Fresh water is free from sediment and other contaminants that might be present in sea water. This means it will pass through the impeller and pump more easily than salt water, which can cause corrosion and reduce a motor’s efficiency.

Cottonseed Oil

Lubricating is one of the most important parts of maintaining a boat’s outboard motor. Cottonseed oil is a great choice because it’s affordable and has great anti-wear properties. It’s also biodegradable, which means there won’t be any harmful effects on the environment if you spill some on the water while using your boat.

Cottonseed oil comes in different varieties. The most common varieties are SAE 30W and 40W oils, which are good for use in most engines. However, if you need a higher viscosity (thickness), try using an SAE 50W or 60W oil instead. Not only, oil and lubricants, you can also order boat parts from PartsVu!


A boat’s outboard motor should be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure optimal performance. This includes using a special antifreeze that is designed for marine engines.

There are two types of antifreeze: ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is the most common type used in boats because it has a lower boiling point than propylene glycol and can withstand more heat. It also has a higher viscosity, which means it will stay in place better when exposed to water.

Boat owners should use a blend of both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol in their engines. This helps prevent corrosion while allowing the engine to run at an optimal temperature range.

Maintenance and Repairs

Outboard motors consist of several parts, including the engine, propeller shaft, and exhaust system. Each part plays a vital role in how well your outboard motor operates. When any of these parts wear out or break down, they will need to be replaced with new ones as soon as possible so that your outboard motor can continue working efficiently without any problems.

Performance Enhancing Additives

You can use additives to increase the engine’s performance and life span.

Additives are a combination of chemicals that can be added to your boat’s outboard motor to improve performance and increase its life span. Several different additives are available at auto parts stores, marine supply stores, or marinas.

There are two types of additives: fuel-based and oil-based. Fuel-based additives are added to your gas tank before filling it up with fuel. Oil-based additives are added to the engine’s oil receptacle before adding oil.

Additives reduce friction between moving parts in your engine, resulting in less heat buildup inside the engine compartment. Less heat means more power from your engine! They also reduce carbon buildup on combustion chambers and pistons, which helps prevent premature wear on these components. Finally, they help clean out deposits left behind from regular operation (such as dirt particles), so they don’t build up over time and cause problems down the line.

Adjusting the RPM’s with a Gauge

Many outboard motors have a gauge that allows you to monitor the engine’s RPMs. This can be useful in helping you adjust the RPMs so that they are within the optimal range for your boat and its needs.

Adjusting the RPMs with the Linkage

If your motor doesn’t have a gauge but a linkage system instead, then you’ll need to ensure that it is set up properly. The linkage system should allow you to easily adjust the engine’s RPMs by moving a lever arm up or down. If this works correctly, it will be easier to maintain optimal power levels.

Adjusting the RPM’s with the Lever Arm

If you have an older outboard motor without either gauge or system, you can still adjust its RPM manually by turning a key or pulling on a lever arm. This will change how much fuel is fed into the engine, affecting its power output and performance level (but only sometimes in a positive way).

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