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Which Marketing Tactics Used by Uber and Lyft to Attract and keep Drivers in USA

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Ridesharing has become a popular way for people to get around, and companies like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the transportation industry. To attract new riders, both Uber and Lyft have developed marketing strategies to get people to choose their service over traditional taxis or other ridesharing companies.

This article will explore the different tactics used by Uber and Lyft to attract riders and what makes these tactics effective.

Promotions and Special Deals

One of the primary marketing tactics used by both Uber and Lyft is promotions and special deals. These promotions often come in the form of discounts on rides, free rides for new users, or limited-time offers.

These promotions are effective because they entice new users to try the service, and they reward existing riders for using the service more often. For example, Uber has offered promotions like $5 off a first ride, or a free ride to a certain destination. Lyft has also offered similar promotions like a discount on a first ride, or a bonus for referring a friend.

Uber & Lyft Car Rental Programs

In addition to these marketing tactics, both Uber and Lyft have also introduced a concept of Uber Car Rental or Lyft car rental program in USA. This program provides financial incentives to drivers who use a specific make and model of car that is known to be reliable and efficient. By offering incentives for using these vehicles, Uber can ensure a higher quality of service for their drivers, as well as reduced maintenance costs for their drivers. Read also about requirements for Rideshare Driver.

Referral Programs

 Another marketing tactic used by both Uber and Lyft is referral programs. These programs incentivize existing riders to refer friends and family to the service. In exchange for a referral, the existing rider receives a credit or bonus, and the new rider gets a discount on their first ride.

 This type of marketing is effective because it harnesses the power of word-of-mouth referrals. People are more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know and trust, rather than a general advertisement.

Customer Loyalty Programs

 Both Uber and Lyft have also implemented customer loyalty programs to keep riders coming back. These programs offer rewards for repeat riders, such as discounts on rides, access to premium features, or exclusive promotions. For example, Uber’s loyalty program,

 Uber Rewards, gives riders points for every ride they take and rewards them with perks like flexible cancellations, priority pickup, and price protection. Lyft’s loyalty program, Lyft Rewards, offers similar benefits, such as bonus ride credits, priority airport pickup, and discounted rides.


In conclusion, Uber and Lyft have implemented a variety of marketing tactics to attract and retain riders. From promotions and special deals to referral programs and customer loyalty programs, these companies have found ways to incentivize riders to choose their service over traditional taxis or other ridesharing companies for a long term. The concept of rideshare ready cars also adds a level of reliability and efficiency to the service, further improving the overall experience for drivers. With these marketing tactics in place, it is no wonder that Uber and Lyft have become two of the most popular ridesharing companies not only in the U.S but in the world.

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