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MBA Chai Wala: From Selling Tea to Building an Empire

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The story of MBA Chai Wala, or Arshad Khan, is one of rags to riches. From selling tea on the streets of Islamabad to becoming a successful businessman, he has come a long way. His journey started as a young man who wanted to support his family but ended up becoming an overnight sensation on social media.

Early Life:

Arshad Khan was born in Mardan, Pakistan in 1998. His father was a laborer, and his mother was a housewife. He was raised in poverty, and at the age of 17, he moved to Islamabad to support his family. He started working as a tea vendor, selling tea on the streets of Islamabad.

Rise to Fame:

In 2016, a picture of Arshad Khan, serving tea, went viral on social media. People were drawn to his good looks and charming smile, and he quickly gained popularity. He was dubbed “Chai Wala” and became a sensation overnight. His popularity grew, and he was soon approached by modeling agencies and media outlets.

Modeling Career:

Arshad Khan decided to take advantage of his newfound fame and started his modeling career. He was also featured in magazines and newspapers, and his popularity continued to grow. He soon became a household name in Pakistan.

Business Ventures:

With his newfound popularity, Arshad Khan decided to start his own business.He continued to expand his business and has now become a successful entrepreneur.


Arshad Khan is not only known for his good looks and business ventures, but he is also known for his philanthropy. He has made it his mission to help those in need, especially children. He has supported several charities and has also built schools in rural areas to provide education to underprivileged children.


Arshad Khan’s story is an inspiration to many. He went from being a poor tea vendor to becoming a successful businessman and philanthropist. His journey is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. He is an example of how success can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

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Early Life and Training:

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