The world’s longest-time survival man without Body-wash

The world’s longest-time survival without a body wash has never been heard. Anyone is not reported to have received the title. But this time, such a strange person was found. Amau Haji, an elderly man from Iran, has been described as the world’s dirty person. He is 83 years old, and according to him, he has not washed his body for the last 65 years. He is afraid to go to the water, as he has told. That is why he has not washed his body for six decades. He thinks that washing his body will make him sick. Amau Haji lives alone in the polar regions of Iran. He likes to eat wild rat meat. Although he likes non-vegetarian food, he is not interested in home-cooked dishes. He has no house to live in. He lives in a hole dug under the ground outside the village. The villagers had decorated a hay house for him, although he did not like it. Old Amau Haji claims that he has lived a long life by keeping himself dirty. Surprisingly, after this much being dirty, he did not have any infection in his body. Every day Haji is drinks 5 litres of water with the help of a broken oil bucket. He is addicted to cigarettes. In this case, he has made a kind of record. After the cigarettes given by the villagers are over Haji burns the animal’s dry waste and smokes it. By avoiding all kinds of happiness in the world, the Amau Haji are happy for this kind of life. According to the villagers, Amau Haji decided to lead such a life after getting emotional at an early age.

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