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Popular Festivals In UAE That You Can’t-Miss To Attend

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The UAE is one of the emerging countries in the world and has been popular for its crazy festivals. The rise of globalization and digitalization made it possible to know the cultural differences of any country at the fingertips. Nowadays, the rising popularity of affordable live-streaming services and social networking sites didn’t hide anything from us. It’s now a common trend in the world that every festival happening on-ground needs to be on the live streaming platform

However, to live all those moments and witness the ultimate cousins, landscape, desert and all other festivals give an extraordinary feeling. But not everyone can afford so, in some sense all that is good practice. 

Here in this blog today, we are going to discuss such an important festival that you can’t afford to miss. 

UAE: The Unknown Land Of Festivals 

With more and more people experiencing the magic firsthand, the tourism and travel sectors in the UAE are booming. The UAE is noted for its modern sightseeing attractions, cultural elements, and contrast and is home to some of the most well-known cities in the world. As a result, you could not have anticipated anything less from its festivities and festivals. Visitors keep returning because of the incredible local culture and abundance of excitement in the area. For most festivals, you can get to know them through social networking sites. Additionally, there are vloggers who use the live-streaming platform to give you insights into such places and festivals. 

Don’t miss taking part in the celebrations whenever you visit the UAE next since there are countless events to enjoy throughout the year.

The most significant festivals in the United Arab Emirates are listed below.

  • Dubai International Jazz Festival
  • Dubai Desert Classic Festivals
  • UAE National Day
  • Dubai International Film Festival
  • UAE Awafi Festival
  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Dubai Summer Festivals
  • Dubai Food Festival

The festivals are described in detail below, along with what to anticipate if you decide to go.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

Do you enjoy jazz? A fan of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, or Ella Fitzgerald? Then, if you’re in Dubai, think about going to the annual Dubai International Jazz Festival at Dubai Media City and taking in some of the featured music. The festival draws thousands of jazz and music fans from around the world and the local area. It brings together bands and legendary musicians like Jason Mraz, Jessie J, James Blunt, and David Gray so that fans can celebrate with great music.

Dubai Desert Classic Festivals

Who are all the golf enthusiasts? An eagerly awaited golf club event takes place in Dubai called the Dubai Desert Classic Festival. For instance, it took place in 2022 from January 27 to 30. It frequently gathers top-notch and prosperous golfers from around the world to play for awards.

Since the majority of the world’s best golfers participate in the tournament, it draws a large number of tourists who may attend, watch the competitions, and enjoy their weekend. Attend the festival in 2023 with advance planning.

UAE National Day

The United Arab Emirates became independent on December 2, 1971, just like every other nation doing so. As a result, the UAE designates it as the National Day Festival, which is observed every year.

The event, which is one of the most important days in the UAE calendar, features a variety of celebrations, including traditional dances and entertainment. They also hoist the flag of the country. Therefore, take part in the festivities if you have the chance to visit Dubai at this time.

Dubai International Film Festival

The Dubai International Film Festival may be a terrific event you may check out whenever you are in the area if you enjoy watching movies. Many Hollywood actors, directors, producers, and even artists congregate at various screenings in Dubai as the festival gets underway to take in the movies.

The festival exists to support local filmmakers, market their works for viewers to appreciate, and attract project film producers. Therefore, during the festival, take in some of their films to experience the Arabian culture.

UAE Awafi Festival

The UAE Awafi festival, which takes place in Dubai, honours the country’s history and culture. The Ras Al Khaimah desert’s dunes are where the residents congregate during this event. They enjoy participating in outdoor activities like theatre productions and sports like car and dune buggy races.

Even though tourists are not allowed to participate in sports, they can still enjoy the event’s activities. If the management and the authorities of UAE can take it to the next level use webinars in the travel industry. This approach will not just lead to more tourist attraction but whoever misses will not feel they literally missed. 

Dubai Shopping Festival

Who enjoys browsing through memorabilia? If you are among the vast majority of people who enjoy collecting things, the Dubai Shopping Festival will be a favorite. You may be guaranteed to receive product discounts and incredible offers during this period. That being stated, you should know that it will be your lucky day if you ever find yourself in Dubai and, fortunately enough, during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The primary exports from Dubai are Persian rugs and carpets, valuable jewelry, cuisine spices, home furnishings, and clothing. So you might receive substantial discounts during the shopping festival. Fireworks and festivities are also part of the occasion.

Dubai Summer Festivals

The Dubai Summer Surprises festival, which alternates its dates from July to September, is one of the most eagerly awaited events each year for both locals and tourists. The festival wants to include enjoyable events for both adults and kids. It enables people to have life-changing experiences and make priceless memories while keeping the masses entertained, happy and involved.

Tourists will be amused and able to learn about Dubai’s rich history and culture thanks to the events. Attending the Dubai Summer Festivals is a possibility that it will be a nice holiday spot for your family and friends. 

Dubai Food Festival

Consider going to the Dubai Food Festival if you enjoy making or eating wonderful food. Here, you get the chance to sample some of Dubai’s most delectable delicacies, savory dishes, and other unfamiliar foods.

Because meals are prepared and cooked by expert chefs, you won’t need to worry about the caliber of the food. If there is a certain Middle Eastern food you’ve always wanted to sample, you should put the Dubai Food Festival on your bucket list.

These are the top festivals that UAE used to host and belong to their culture. Hope you enjoy reading it. 

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