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Practical Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Version Fuse Box

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Replacing a fuse board and upgrading it invariably brings peace to the mind. The upgrade ensures your home is electrically safe. But the question is how do you determine whether the upgrade is necessary? The answer deals with a little too much technicalities. Therefore, it is best to rely on a qualified and experienced professional to make that decision for you. A competent electrician is the best person to provide you with a factual and unbiased opinion about whether it is high time to get the existing consumer unit in your home replaced. But a professional will only give his opinion after carrying out an inspection on your property.

When your fuse board is ready for replacement

There are certain signs that denote whether a fuse board needs to be replaced. You can try reading those signs yourself. Here are a few tips.

Take a proper look at the existing fuse board. Is there any wooden backing? If yes then the unit has to be replaced to comply with the latest regulations. Even those that are made of cast iron or have cast iron switches need to be replaced. All these symptoms prompt your fuse box is quite old and you need more modern, safer and easy to use versions to make your family as well as the property safe on the aspect of electricity.

RCDs or residual current devices

Chances are high that older versions of a fuse box will not have RCDs. But it is crucial for a fuse box to have residual current devices to cut down chances of electrical hazards. An RCD is a safety device; it promptly turns off the electric connection on its own on detecting an unusual condition in an electrics system. It works somewhat similar to those of fuses that used to blow in the yesteryears thus preventing an electrical fire or electrical shock.

If you are planning to expand your building, installing a new shower or building an extension then it is important to make sure the electrical system is fool proof and safe from any potential hazard as well as complies fully with the latest standards.

A valid cause for replacement

There must be a valid reason to replace your fuse box. Without a valid reason there is no need dismantling an existing fuse box and replace it with a new one. However, there usually is a valid reason or the other to upgrade a fuse box. When you upgrade your fuse box, you not only make your property safe from electrical hazards but also ensure safety for everyone who lives with you from electrical shocks and fires.

Once the RCDs are in the right place you are relieved knowing that now you can change fuses and light bulbs, building an extension or go for more plumbing in your shower. Moreover, if you hire any electrician, plumber or any other craftsman to work in your home, they will be working in a better and electrically safe environment.

Accidents cannot be prevented but when you have a modern fuse box installed, the lesser is the chance of any fatal accident occurring in your home. The accidents that occur because of holding on to an old and obsolete fuse box are usually life-threatening.

Minimising the risk of electrical fire hazards

When you replace or upgrade your old fuse box with a new one, it minimises the chances of electrical fire in your property. How is this possible? This is possible because of the advanced safety mechanism that comes with all modern fuse boxes in form of RCDs and circuit breakers. Whenever the safety mechanism detects any potential danger, it automatically cuts off the power connection. This leads to reduced heat build-up. Because of the lesser heat build-up, the overall development does not trigger a fire.

Circuit breakers and RCDs are potential lifesavers

In modern fuse boxes circuit breakers terminate electric connection. The inbuilt breakers trip within a nanosecond. Therefore, even if you accidentally pick any live wire, your life will be spared. But in older versions of consumer units this mechanism never existed and so fatality rate was much higher.

An introduction to RCCB or residual current circuit breaker

RCCB performs its task as a safety mechanism from the hazards of electricity. It works on a simple principle based on the Kirchhoff’s Law. In a circuit the incoming current must always be equal to the outgoing current. An RCCB therefore compares the live and neutral wires for whether there is a difference in the current value. Under ideal conditions the current flowing through the live wire must be the same as that flowing through the neutral one. But whenever a fault occurs the current flowing through, they neutral wire gets reduced. The difference between the two currents is called residual current. Whenever an RCCB detects a residual current, it concludes something is wrong and trips the circuit.

Benefits that RCCB offers

An RCCB offers loads of advantages, few of which include –

  • Unlike RCDs it provides protection from voltage fluctuation.
  • It provides protection from both earth fault and leakage current.
  • Its mechanism is extremely sensitive and an RCCB unfailingly trips the circuit almost instantly on detecting a difference in current value in a circuit.

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