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Practical VS Theoretical Education

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Every human being on this world has the basic right to an education. Education gives us power. It is what distinguishes a human from an animal (Bukhteeva et al., 2019). Education teaches us moral values and provides us with knowledge on previously unknown topics.

It allows us to interact with one another and with our surroundings in a civilized manner. A well-educated person can tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Education determines a society’s success

As a result, a society with a large number of educated people is more likely to be successful, civil, and modern. (The Age of E-Learning | Online Education for Students in 2022, 2022) Education is more than just the theory we learn in school or from books. We can also learn from practical experiences that occur outside of our typical classrooms.

There are two major types of education.

There are two types of education: practical education and theoretical education. Both theoretical and practical education are important and valuable in one’s life.

But if forced to choose between the two, which should a person lean more toward: a theoretical education or a practical education? As we have theoretical understanding of a subject on hand and actual instances and learning of the same subject on the other, both are relatively equally significant.

Theoretical education

Theoretical Education is concerned with the facts and figures of a specific subject. Theoretical education or theoretical knowledge refers to everything you learn from a textbook, journal, article, blog, or other source or Buy Dissertation Online. . You can learn how anything works or why something is the way it is with the help of theoretical knowledge.

Theoretical knowledge is the knowledge of others on a specific topic. It is authentic content that cannot be incorrect. Theoretical knowledge allows you to gain a thorough understanding of almost anything in the world.

It has been observed that when students are only taught theoretical knowledge, they only remember it for 2 to 3 months.

However, even if they remember it for a longer period of time, they are unable to apply that knowledge in the field. What good is education if it cannot be used to make a living after more than 12 years of education? For someone like this, those 12 years are nothing more than a waste of time.

Practical education

We apply what we learned in theoretical education in practical education.

Unlike theoretical education, practical education teaches us how to do something rather than why it is done. Our brain tends to remember anything learned through hands-on experience for a longer period of time than something we simply read from a book. Practical knowledge is based on one’s own experience rather than other people’s experiences that he has read about in books.

When a student does something with their own hands that they previously only learned in theory, they become more confident in that concept.

When a student learns about a concept solely through reading, they may become confused. However, doing that specific thing practically eliminates all doubts and misconceptions in the student’s mind. It allows him to grasp the concept in a more efficient and effective manner.

When teachers only focus on theoretical or textual learning, students may become bored. Practical experience, on the other hand, is a lot of fun for students of all ages. It can never bore a student, leaving him with more knowledge than gained in the classroom.

Practical knowledge provides students of all ages with the most hands-on learning experience. The possibilities for gaining practical knowledge are limitless. As a result, through the practical methodology of education, one can broaden their horizon.

There are some things that can only be learned and understood by doing them and experiencing them by providing them Best Assignment Writing Service. Through the act of doing and personal experience, practical knowledge can lead to a deeper understanding of a concept.


According to the study’s findings theoretical education and practical education are two completely distinct approaches to education and knowledge. Although theoretical knowledge can provide assurance that you understand the fundamental concepts. And understand the mechanism of a specific thing and how it works.

However, it can only take you so far. Because the activity cannot be completed without practical knowledge. Whereas practical knowledge ensures that one is actually able to perform something rather than simply knowing how to do it.

Theoretical and practical education are two entirely different approaches to education and knowledge. Although theoretical knowledge can provide assurance that you understand the fundamental concepts, practical experience is required. And comprehend the mechanism of a specific thing and how it functions.

However, it will only get you so far. Because the activity cannot be completed without hands-on experience. Practical knowledge, on the other hand, ensures that one is actually capable of performing something rather than simply knowing how to do it.

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