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Printed Belt Boxes with Logo Best Way for Brand’s Advertisement

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Do you want to make your apparel brand distinguishable and need to learn how to make it possible? Worried about the high costs of marketing? Get connected with iCustomBoxes. We know how to give wings to your clothing business. Our packaging team comprises highly qualified designers with the expertise to create branded custom belt boxes.  You can choose our belt box printed with the logo design and promote your business at a wider level.

Plethora of Box Designs for Belt Packaging Wholesale:

Belts come in various materials, sizes, and designs. Their lengths and sizes are designed according to the age of the users.  Therefore, you can design the box in accordance with the specifications of the product. Customers have distinct demands, and each wants to modify the box’s shape, size, and style per its requirements. We understand the needs of our clients and do not let them be disappointed by our services. You can customize printed belt boxes in whatever size and style you need. However, we design belt boxes in the following styles:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Belt box with die-cuts
  4. Belt box with hang tabs
  5. Rigid box with magnetic closure

Add Worth to the Belts with Magnetic Closure Rigid Box:

Belts are listed as a luxurious clothing accessory. Both women and men bring them in their use to accomplish their outfits. You can enhance the value of your belts by packing them in an exclusively designed box. Nowadays, the box’s packaging appeals to people more than the product itself. You can choose a rigid box and design it with magnetic closure. First, it looks elegant and can leave the audience in awe while catching a first glance. Secondly, rigid is recyclable and endurable to exterior damage. Lastly, you can customize the box with striking color designs, graphics, and laminations for a fascinating look.

What Type of Material Is Suitable for Belt Boxes Wholesale?

We make use of the following types of material for custom belt boxes:

  1. Kraft Paper
  2. Cardboard Material
  3. Rigid Stock

Kraft paper is the most effective and reasonable material option. It is lightweight and endurable as well. Kraft brown paper is 100% environmentally safe and easy to recycle and reuse.  However, cardboard is also a suitable option. It is compatible with endless personalized solutions. Unlike kraft, cardboard is customizable to laminations, embellishments, and add-ons.

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Enrich Belt Packaging with Long-Lasting and Incredible Inserts:

Belts have various parts. Some customers demand separate sections for each article of the belt. You can design a specific compartment for the strips and another for the buckle. That’s why we make use of long-lasting inserts. Our inserts options are as follows:

  1. Cardboard inserts
  2. Kraft inserts
  3. Foam inserts

Cardboard and kraft inserts are favorable options. However, foam inserts are also in trend due to their classy and professional look. You can pick out any color for foam inserts. Foam holders or inserts are tear and heat-resistant. They keep your objects tight and prevent them from colliding with each other while traveling.

How to Create a Premium Quality Belt Gift Packaging?

Are you planning to give belts as a gift? Want to make your box look sophisticated and captivating? You can do it with our help. We know how to transform the dreams of our customers into reality. We use premium quality rigid material and embellish the box with many add-ons and finishings. You can print the rigid box with the giftee’s name or add loving quotes to make box packaging attractive. Besides, you can give a concluding touch to the box by adding multi-color ribbons and bows, etc.

Enjoy Plenty of Benefits for Getting Belt Boxes at Wholesale:

There are numerous benefits of ordering in bulk. Wholesale services benefit your business monetarily and professionally as well. Firstly, you can give your clients the same quality of boxes in massive amounts at once and establish their trust in your brand. Secondly, ordering once can reduce petroleum consumption and decrease the emission of carbon gases and footprints as well. That will also help to control the shipping costs. Lastly, after joining hands with us, you can get the advantage of discounts and lay aside a great amount of your money.

Why Must You Choose iCustomBoxes?

  • We offer a free-of-cost shipping facility.
  • We do not charge for plates and die-cuts.
  • Our payment methods are highly reliable.
  • We do not cost extra tariffs or charges.
  • Our customer support is available 24 hours.
  • We make sure the order is delivered on the promised time.
  • Our high-end services are obtainable at cost-effective prices.
  • You can avail of a chat facility and free design assistance.
  • We offer digital mock-ups without any price.
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