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The Points to Assess of Your Prospective Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

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It is needless to mention about the intensifying competitive landscape in the business circuit. Due to the rising stiffness in business competition, companies have resorted to using modern technologies to speed up their efficiency and productivity. And Microsoft Dynamics365 is one of the most popular software tools among businesses of all sizes.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A solid ERP, CRM, and sales solution for businesses is Microsoft Dynamics. The software can smoothly interact with other apps and offers different functions.

The main advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics365 are data concentration, scalability, flexibility, seamless integration with other Microsoft products, a shorter sales cycle, improved customer support, and increased productivity.

You can reap the entire benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 only if you hire a competent implementation partner.

Again, you should also know what an implementation partner is all about. Microsoft does not sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 to end-users directly. Instead, the company sells the software tool through implementation partners, who are also responsible for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Moreover, Microsoft has recruited implementation partners in almost all the key geographic locations. Therefore, you should select an implementation partner corresponding to your geography.

Despite the ample availability, all implementation partners are not worth hiring due to the variation in their competency levels.

Remember, the competency of your implementation partner is crucial as that can make or break your project.

Therefore, you should assess your prospective Microsoft dynamics 365 partners on the following factors:


The first thing to consider when hiring a potential implementation partner is their level of experience. After that, you may look up his certification status with Microsoft to determine how competent he is.

Gold, Silver, and Member are the three tiers under which Microsoft divides its partners. The division is based on the volume and value of the transactions that the service providers carry out each year.

Check to see if your potential implementing partner has the skills you need before engaging.


Your implementation partner’s background will determine how well it goes. The underlying reasoning is also comprehensible because with time and experience, the partner learns the specifics of how to accomplish things. He is therefore aware of what to do and what to avoid.

As a result, you should not skip over choosing an experienced implementing partner. It will result in successful implementation to raise the productivity of your company.

You need to look at your implementation partner’s background. Additionally, you ought to look for a spouse who is prepared to comprehend your particular problems and needs.

Do not undermine the need to ask your potential partner for references and client testimonials. Additionally, emphasize finding customers who are in your industry.

Once more, a factor is the length of time your potential partner has worked with past clients. A longer time frame demonstrates the partner’s confidence.

Projects Implemented

The second item to consider is how many projects your potential implementing partner completed, since this will also hint at his level of experience.

The quantity of completed projects successfully is another sign of an implementation’s competence.

Therefore, make sure to calculate the number of projects involved in your potential implementation and the associated success percentages. If the implementation shows high success rates, you can involve the partner.

Finally, consider your company. If it has numerous geographical operations, you should work with an implementation partner who has experience carrying out such projects for international clients.


Selecting the appropriate implementation partner is the most important step before deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company. A lot of business entrepreneurs ignore this fact. Such businesses consequently experience an ineffective application of the programme. You should not undermine the importance of assessing your prospective implementation partner.

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