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PRSA in Ireland: The Benefits

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I’ve been a member of PRSA Ireland for the past few years, and it has opened up so many new opportunities. Not only do I have access to a network of other professionals in the industry, but I also learn new things every time I go to an event or workshop. The events are always well organized and fun — they’re not just networking opportunities; they’re actual learning experiences!

Access to the PRSA Ireland network

Access to the PRSA Ireland network

You’ll have access to our events, workshops and networking opportunities. We host regular breakfast meetings across Ireland with speakers from top organisations presenting on their experiences in public relations. We also hold annual events such as our PR Festival of Excellence (POE) and Awards Ceremony where you can meet with industry leaders from across Ireland and further afield.

PRSA Ireland workshops and events

PRSA Ireland runs a number of events each year, including workshops and conferences. These are a great way to network with other PR professionals in Ireland, as well as learn more about the industry.

You can meet like-minded people who are interested in sharing ideas and experiences together. The events also give you an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who will share their knowledge on relevant topics such as public relations campaigns or social media marketing campaigns.

Membership fees (AEA)

Membership fees (AEA)

Membership fees are €250 per year, with a discount for joining in the first year:

  • €400 for the first year, then €250 per year after that.
  • €600 for the first year and thereafter a discounted rate of €400 per annum.

Membership fees (non-AEA)

Membership to the PRSA in Ireland is open to anyone who is a member of the PRSA in Ireland. The annual membership fee is €150, which entitles you to a full year’s worth of benefits (including access to all events).

PRSA Ireland is a great way to stay informed about what is happening in the industry.

What is a PRSA? PRSA Ireland is a great way to stay informed about what is happening in the industry. The association organises a number of workshops and events throughout the year, which provide members with an opportunity to meet each other as well as guest speakers from within the public relations sector.

Membership fees for AEA members are €150 per annum (prorated) or €500 for three years. Non-AEA member fees are €100 per annum (prorated) or €300 for three years.


PRSA Ireland is a great way to stay informed about what is happening in the industry. It offers many benefits, including access to workshops and events, as well as networking opportunities with other professionals. The fees are reasonable and affordable for all members of the public relations industry in Ireland

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