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QuickBooks Cannot find Company File- Effective Solutions

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QuickBooks is known for its quirky errors that, most of the time, do not make a lot of sense to novice QuickBooks users.

At times while opening the company file from the No Company Open window, you may receive an error message “QuickBooks Can’t Find your Company File.” As the name suggests, users experience QuickBooks can’t find company file error when their QuickBooks company file goes missing, or problems arise in opening it. In this article, we will be mentioning some of the easiest solutions that will help you rectify QB cannot find company file quickly.


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Quick Solutions to Tackle QuickBooks Cannot find Company File

The following solutions are very easy to implement and can definitely help you in resolving QuickBooks Cannot Find Company File.

solution 1: Turn the “Save when closing feature” off to Resolve Cant find QuickBooks Company File Issue

Sometimes QuickBooks freezes on startup when you have set it to access the last opened files, and multiple windows open automatically. 

  • First, access QB Desktop then head to the No Company Open Window and choose your company file from the list.
  • Now hit ALT > Open, and don’t release ALT until the file opens.
  • After opening the company file, visit the File menu, then choose Preferences.
  • Choose the Desktop View tab and hit the Don’t save the Desktop option > OK.
  • Finally, quit and reopen QB and your company file.

Solution 2: Ping the Server where the Company File is Saved from Workstation to Eliminate the QB cant locate company file Error

By accessing the Ping command on the workstation, you can confirm that the connection between the workstation computer and the server is working uninterrupted, and the cause behind it is that the QuickBooks company file not found error is somewhere else.

  • First, on your Workstation PC, press Windows + R and type CMD in the Run command box.
  • Here type the command “ipconfig /all” without quotes and hit Enter.
  • Note down the name of the Host Name and keep it handy, then type Ping [Host Name] that you have noted down in the previous step.
  • Now tap on Enter and see if all the packets sent are received by the server by verifying the reply.

Solution 3: Figure out where the issue lies to Tackle the QuickBooks Company File Issue

The very last solution is to check if the issue lies within the company file or QuickBooks program as follows:

  • First, from the Start menu in Windows, search and open File Explorer.
  • Browse for the QuickBooks.exe file in the QB folder, then hold the Ctrl key and double-click QB.
  • Now don’t release it until QB opens, and try opening your company file. 
  • In case you can, then the issue is with the program, and if you cannot, then check the following.
  • Finally, access a sample file the same way. See if it opens, and if it doesn’t, then the issue is with the company file.

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Wrapping Up!

QuickBooks Cannot find Company File issue can stop the user from even accessing the company file, and hopefully, through this article, you were able to rectify it successfully. However, if the error doesn’t get resolved even after the troubleshooting, then don’t worry; our experts can help you; just dial us at +18557380359

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