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Effective Methods to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 5502

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Issues while syncing the company files in QuickBooks can lead to the QuickBooks error 5502. This error code can interfere with the normal functioning of the application and can prevent users from accessing the files. The error can get triggered due to many common reasons, like issues while connecting to the server. If you are getting the QuickBooks error code 5502, you can use the solutions provided below to terminate it once and for all.

If you are having trouble understanding the troubleshooting steps or resolving the error message on your own, you can reach out to us at +1 855-948-3646 to get professional assistance from our QB expert team.

What are the Main Triggers Leading to the QuickBooks Desktop Error 5502?

You might be encountering the QuickBooks error message 5502 due to the common reasons mentioned below –

  1. The workstations and the server PC have been disconnected, and the connectivity issues are causing syncing errors.
  2. The company file you are trying to access is bulky or too large, and the file name might contain an incorrect file extension.
  3. The company file is stored on an external storage drive, or the company file might be damaged, corrupted, or broken.
  4. There are issues with the Intuit sync manager, and the utility might be inactive, unresponsive, or missing from the system.
  5. An anti-virus or malware infection has affected your system and is preventing QuickBooks from accessing and syncing the files.

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How to Reliably Rectify the QuickBooks Sync Error 5502?

Error code 5502 in QuickBooks Desktop can be easily resolved by using the solutions provided below –

Solution 1 –Modify the Company File Extension and Move the File to a New Desktop Folder

You need to ensure that the company file extension is correct and the file is located in the correct folder to address the QB error code 5502.

  1. Firstly, create a new folder on your desktop by right-clicking on an empty area,
  2. Selecting the New Folder option, and naming itQBTEST.
  3. Now, go to the file folder containing your company file and right-click the file to select Copy.
  4. Followed by pasting it into the newly created folder above.
  5. Next, right-click the file from the new folder and select Renameto change its extension fromQBW to QBM.
  6. Hit Enter to save the modified name, followed by rerunning QuickBooks.

Solution 2 –Update QuickBooks to the Latest Available Release and Opt for QB Automatic Updates

You need to update QuickBooks to the latest version and switch the automatic updates on for the app.

  1. Go to your QuickBooks Desktop and navigate to the Help section to access the Update Now window by selecting the Update QuickBooks Desktop option from the same menu.
  2. Now, check for available updates and select the Reset Updates option,
  3. Followed by clicking Update Now to begin the download process.
  4. Once the updates are downloaded, select Install Now to install the new QB version.
  5. Once done, rerun QuickBooks and try to sync the files to check the status of the 5502 error.


You can effectively dismiss QuickBooks error 5502 by using the solutions mentioned in this blog. If the error code persists, you can call us at +1 855-948-3646 to get immediate assistance from our technical support team.

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