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QuickBooks Migration Tool Not Working: Easiest Technical Guide

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QuickBooks Migration Tool is a highly reliable & efficient utility used for the complete transfer of QB Desktop company file from one computer to another computer. However, many times certain technical faults prevent the correct functioning of the ‘QuickBooks Migration Tool’.

This technical issue is usually called ‘QuickBooks Migration Tool Not Working’ & it needs to be effectively tackled in order to ensure the correct transfer of QB data between two systems.

Here, you shall be shown the most efficient step-wise resolutions for this highly troublesome problem.

Are you currently disturbed by the ‘QuickBooks Migration Tool Not Working’ problem? You can dial 1-855-856-0042 to get technical help from our QB Professionals Team.

Why Do Users Encounter ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool Not Operating’ Problem?

The ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool Not Operating’ problem manifests due to the reasons listed in the following points:

  • Having an invalid or outdated Windows version on the new computer can easily disrupt the QB Desktop migration process.
  • If there are certain malware attacks on the new system or if the migration process is not correctly followed, then you can experience this problem.

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What Are the Most Effective Resolutions for the ‘QB Migration Tool Not Executing’ Problem?

You can tackle the ‘QB Migration Tool Not Executing’ problem through the step-wise resolutions indicated here:

Resolution 1: Fully install the most recent Windows updates on the new computer to effectively tackle this problem

  • In this resolution, you should first strike the ‘Start’ menu, after which you can easily choose the ‘Settings’ tab indicated on the computer’s screen, and then you must tap on the ‘Windows Updates’ button present on the window.
  • Thereafter, just access the fresh Windows updates by hitting the ‘Check for updates’ icon & then, you will simply click on the ‘Download and Install Now’ button to effectively download all the fresh Windows updates on your new computer.
  • Next, you can now carry out the required QB migration process through the ‘QB Migration Tool’ successfully.

Resolution 2: Effectively generate QB backup data file on the old computer & then successfully restore it on the new system

  • This is a manual method & it requires you to first hit the ‘File’ menu inside the QB Desktop application present on the old computer & then, you should effectively select the ‘Create Local Backup’ option given within the ‘Backup Company’ menu.
  • After that, suitably hit the ‘Local Backup’ option & then you can utilize the ‘Browse’ button in order to choose the correct location on the old system to save the backup data file.
  • Next, carefully tap on the ‘Save it Now’ button to save the backup data file, and then you must attach a fresh USB flash drive to the old system so that the backup data file can be moved inside it.
  • Now, through the USB flash drive, you can transfer the backup data file to the new system & then you can access the ‘Open or restore company’ option inside the ‘File’ menu of the QB application.
  • Thereafter, carefully click on the ‘Restore a backup copy’ option & then you can utilize the ‘Local Backup’ button to choose the valid location to save your restored company file.
  • Finally, when you hit the ‘Save’ button, the restored company file will be saved, following which it can be used via the QB Desktop application.

Use these step-wise resolutions in the correct order to fully tackle the ‘QuickBooks Migration Tool Not Working’ problem. For further help, dial 1-855-856-0042 to contact our QB Experts Team.

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