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Terminating QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152 using practical techniques

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Hey fellas…!! My name is Martin Ward. I am a professional tech blogger. I aim to make people aware of the new exciting accounting software. For the last five years, I have been working with an accounting & bookkeeping service in the United States. Hence, I am familiar with the software used for the same purpose…!! when "QuickBooks Database Server Manager". Contact us today via our website or by calling our toll-free number +1(855)-738-0359 QuickBooks Error 6069 | Quickbooks Error 6175 0

Intuit created QuickBooks to assist businesses in executing precise accounting and generating financial reports to track the performance of the organization. The software provides financial data security and allows users to access online banking. Despite being an efficient software, QuickBooks can foster internal errors that can be problematic while utilizing the software. QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152 interrupts the payroll update in the software due to a lousy internet connection that causes damage to the update file during the download. Follow this blog till the end to figure out the causes of this error and the elimination methods to get rid of it.

Avoid the time-consuming troubleshooting procedure by reaching QB support at +1(855)-738-0359 to fast-track the process.

Potential Triggers of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152

Here are some of the conditions that encourage the development of Payroll Update Error Code 12152-

  • The Internet speed on your system is too low to support a healthy connection while downloading the payroll updates.
  • The Update file you are using has been damaged due to data loss during the download or corruption in your hard drive.
  • The software is facing internal issues due to its defective installation on your system.

Applicable Solutions

You can learn the most effective methods to fix Payroll Update Error Code 12152 below

Note:-   Email Services in QuickBooks Desktop

Solution 1- Check the Internet speed on your system and upgrade the connection if necessary

A significant cause for QuickBooks payroll Error 12152 to develop in the software is low internet speed which might cause the update file to get corrupted during the download. A lousy internet connection can also cause various other errors in the software, so it must be fixed immediately. Refer to the steps below to check the internet speed on your system-

  1. Visit Google on a Web Browser and type ‘Internet Speed Test.’
  2. Click on the first link in the search results to run the test.
  3. Wait for some time to let the speed test finish.

Compare the Internet Speed test results with the QB requirements of a 3Mbps average and a minimum of 1.5Mbps. If your Network connection lacks these requirements, you must switch to a wired Internet connection as recommended by QuickBooks or make any upgrades required.

Solution 2- Repair the software using the QuickBooks Tool hub

QuickBooks Tool hub offers a convenient way to deal with minor issues using tools that automatically fix them. You should always use the latest version ( of the QB tool hub available on the QuickBooks website. Go for the steps below if you already have the newest version of the QB tool hub-

  1. Run the QB Tool hub on your system and click on Program Problems in the menu.
  2. Select Quick fix my program in the drop-down list and let the tool run. 
  3. Wait for the tool to finish and retry updating the payroll service in the software.

The payroll will update successfully after using the methods given above.


This is the end of our blog that brings into focus the causes of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152 and the counter methods to deal with it. We hope the execution of the solutions was easy for you and that the payroll service is now updated in your QuickBooks.

If the payroll update fails even after using the methods, get professional help from a QB support team at +1(855)-738-0359.

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What are the causes behind such Payroll Update Error Code 12152.

QuickBooks payroll Error 12152 may be caused by network connection issues, server problems, or firewall restrictions preventing the payroll software from accessing necessary data online.



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