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Reasons your QuickBooks Backup Failed and fixing methods

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QuickBooks is a dependable bookkeeping software that contains critical business data and can keep the data intact. The software also uses the cloud to store your data online, making it convenient for users to access or share it portably. But there are always chances of unfortunate instances that can harm the data. The QuickBooks team always advises creating a backup of your data at regular periods. Many users have reported issues while creating a backup, after which their QuickBooks Backup Failed. If you are struggling to create a backup on your device due to similar problems, keep reading the blog till the end to learn the reasons and the methods to fix it.

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About the issue

We know the financial data in QuickBooks is crucial for you, and any harm can be problematic. You can always keep your data secure by creating regular data backups in QuickBooks, which allows you to deal with data loss and restore your data. Many circumstances can affect the backup process causing it to stop, and a software crash is also possible. Every time you try to create a backup, either you’ll see the error message in the beginning or sometime after the backup process starts.

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 The causes of these issues while creating a backup of your data are listed below-

  • QuickBooks cannot access the company file or the folder where you want to create the backup due to restrictions from the antivirus or incorrect folder permissions.
  • The company file is damaged, or the file name contains invalid characters not supported in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks is missing some program files due to improper software installation on your PC.


The practical methods to eliminate this error from your QuickBooks are given below-

Solution 1- Check the company file name or move it to a different location

The company file can fail to run in the software if the file name contains invalid characters or symbols like- $, <, >, etc. The software fails to recognize them as company files due to these symbols and will not be able to process the file. Follow the steps below to fix issues in the company file-

  1. Go to the folder containing your company file and check your company file name.
  2. Special characters like- <, >, $, ! etc., aren’t allowed by QuickBooks; right-click on the file if you see one.
  3. Select Rename and remove the character from the file name.
  4. Ensure that the company file name isn’t too big and retry creating the backup.

If the issues are still present, move to the next method.

Solution 2- Use Quick fix my program

You can use the QuickBooks Tool hub to fix this error, as it can be due to some internal issues in the software. Refer to the steps below-

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer and click on Program Problems.
  2. Click on Quick fix my program and wait till the tool repairs the software.

Creating the backup will be successful after using the methods.


This blog has all the answers to why your QuickBooks Backup Failed and the steps that can be taken to fix this issue. We expect you are now able to create the backup without any problems after using the methods present in the blog.

In case the issues persist, contact a team of QB ProAdvisor experts at 1-855-856-0042 to fix this issue quickly.

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