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Sella Basmati Rice is Great for Health

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Why is Sella Basmati Rice popular in Australia?

Australia doesn’t produce enough rice to fulfill its demands. They import the best basmati rice from countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Sella rice is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Besides, it has a lower GI than white rice and even white basmati rice. The fiber in the Sella Rice helps maintain a healthy weight and keeps sugar in control. It makes Sella Basmati rice a healthy choice for people with diabetes.

In the last few years, there has been a large emigration of people of Indian origin to Australia. Not only native Indians but even those settled in the USA, Canada, and the UK, have made Australia their new home. Indians have entered diverse fields in Australia, such as medicine, science, politics, business, judiciary, academia, and performing arts. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2021 census, 783,958 people have declared their Indian background. It constitutes 3.1% of the total Australian population. Many Chinese, Greek, Pakistani, and Turkish are also settled in Australia and prefer rice. Moreover, Australia is a country of emigrants, with almost three-fourths of people coming from other countries. 

Rice production in Australia

It would be best if you had a typical soil and climate to grow the best variety of Basmati rice. Since Australia’s climate, soil, and water are entirely different, it’s difficult to grow Basmati rice. It is why rice production in Australia is very erratic. Therefore, they have no option but import rice from countries like India. In Australia, rice is usually shown from October to December and harvested from March onwards in southern New South Wales.

Is Sella rice better?

Sella rice is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and generally has a lower GI than white rice, even white basmati rice. The fiber present in Sella Rice not only helps in weight control but also keeps sugar in control. So, this makes Sella rice a great option for eating healthy meal.

Is Sella Basmati Rice Good for Health ?

Sella basmati rice is known for its taste and unique aroma. Much care goes into the cultivation of grains to retain their nutritional value. Most importantly, Sella Basmati rice is 100% gluten-free. It is also one of the richest sources of vitamins, such as niacin and thiamine. Moreover, Sells basmati rice is cholesterol-free, making it an ideal choice for weight management. 

Sella Basmati rice is essential of two types – white Sella rice and golden Sella rice.

White  Sella basmati Rice

White Sella rice is frequently used for preparing dishes such as biryani, pulao, etc. It’s mainly produced organically in various parts of India. It has a hard texture that becomes fluffier after cooking. During cooking, the rice grains do not stick together. This particular variety is well known for its superior taste, quality, unique aroma, and standard grain size. The average length of white Sela rice varies from 7.55 mm+ to 8.30 mm+. 

Golden Sella Basmati Rice

It’s one of the purest forms of grain and is hygienically processed. The average length of golden Sella basmati rice is between 8mm-9mm. The rice grains are yellow and have a strong but sweet aroma. 

Sella Basmati Rice VS Basmati Rice

Sella rice contains soluble Fibre, which is very good for digestion. It also lowers LDL, the bad cholesterol in the blood. The natural oils in Sella rice also keep total cholesterol and blood pressure levels under check while improving the HDL, the good cholesterol in the blood. In comparison, ordinary Basmati rice doesn’t offer so many benefits. 

Excellent for Diabetes

Compared to brown and Basmati rice, Sella rice is very effective against diabetes. It is due to the presence of resistant starch and higher protein content. You can make it even better for people with diabetes after keeping Sella basmati rice chilled in the refrigerator and consuming it after reheating.  

Sella rice can be an ideal meal for a diabetic diet because it has a low glycaemic index (GI) score. The GI score of Sella Basmati rice is 38, which is considered low compared to other rice varieties. A low GI score means that the rice will gradually increase your blood sugar levels instead of causing a sudden increase once you consume it. It’s a great alternative for diabetics compared to white rice, with an average GI score of 72. 

Improves Gut Health

Sella basmati rice is the best Basmati rice packed with starch, a prebiotic that acts as a stimulant to boost the growth of probiotics in the gut. The ideal balance of microorganisms in your gut is good for your health. Including Sella basmati rice in your meal can benefit your overall well-being.
All the benefits mentioned above of Sella rice have made it the best Basmati rice and a popular choice for rice consumers in Australia. However, to get full benefits, they must select the right brand. The best Sella basmati rice is grown in the hills of Himachal Pradesh which is well known for producing premium quality rice. The entire process is handled by an experienced team providing the best quality grains having excellent taste.


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