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Should I invest in an extended warranty for mobile or AC?

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If you have recently invested in a smartphone, the truth is you’ve spent a great deal of your savings on it because gadgets don’t come in cheap or remotely affordable these days. However, the thing with electronic devices is that they are not as sturdy and resilient as they once used to be. Modern appliances are fragile and expensive, mainly when repairing them. Then, your mobile phones are subject to drops, spills, and screen damage. Most phones come with a year warranty, which is not long enough and does not provide coverage against accidental and external physical damage. 

So, how can you ensure that your devices are safe and stay with you for a long time? Through an extended warranty for mobile.

While you can also opt for the official manufacturer coverage, it is better to explore third-party services because they are much more affordable and offer more options and features. Here is a comparison between extended third-party coverage and that of a manufacturer. 

#1: The cost

An extended warranty for a mobile is reasonably priced when compared to that of a respective manufacturer. Most of them, like Apple, charge a fixed price for additional coverage regardless of your mobile, whereas third-party coverage will be priced depending on your model. The latter is an excellent deal since then you don’t have to spend heftily and still get better coverage. 

#2: The coverage

Just like an extended warranty for AC, your third-party coverage is applicable if your device is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, several extended warranty for mobile providers offer free pick-and-drop service and a 14 to 30-day repair and replacement guarantee. This means if your smartphone isn’t repaired within the stipulated duration, you will get a replacement. Also, an extended warranty for mobile comes with no hidden fees/charges and tiresome terms and conditions. 

#3: The features you can expect

Apple charges you a fixed amount for an extended warranty and does not provide any service assurance. Also, it does not offer free pick-and-drop service. The best part is that you can opt for plans related to screening protection and spills and drops specifically, which is not an option with the manufacturer’s warranty. 

The number of incidences you get with an extended warranty for a mobile plan is more than with a respective manufacturer. Some of them come with unlimited service requests. 

#4: The claims 

Of course, you need to opt for an extended warranty for mobile service provider with authorized repair centers across the country and those that assure you of only using original spare parts for repair. While trust can be hard to come by in the case of unknown third-party companies, you can surely narrow down authentic extended warranties for mobile provider names with proper research. 

Wrapping Up:

Keep the main things in mind and take the decision for your valuable gadgets, and make sure for the cover your electronic device through this blog. Search if they have an authorized service center near your location and also the kind of experts that would be repairing your precious and expensive appliances. 

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