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Snapchat Premium Account – Everything You Need to Know 

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Snapchat is a highly used platform which is used by a lot of users from all around the world, and if you are also making use of the platform then you must be aware of the snapchat premium account. 

If you wish to get to know more about the premium version of snapchat then this is the correct blog where you should be getting the required and essential information which you need about it. 

Snapchat Plus Or Snapchat Version – What Does it Mean?

The snapchat plus or the premium snapchat is a subscription version which offers you access to the exclusive features along with pre released features of snapchat application. 

The premium version comes with a variety of perks such as you will get to pin a friend as your best friend forever whoever you want, you will find the feature of story re-watch as well, you will also get an exclusive badge on your account for yourself. 

However, the ads on snapchat would not be removed by the snapchat + version so you should not expect this from it. 

Snapchat along with messaging features also provide features such as putting up stories, creating streaks with your friends, etc. 

Now, when you are aware of what does snapchat premium do we are now going to tell you what all features you will get when you will use the snapchat features on your account. 

Features Which are Available on Snapchat Features for the users to use – 

1. Story expiration is custom for the users 

In normal snapchat your story will expire after 24 hours but in the premium version you will be able to set the timers on the stories you put up. You can set the timer for your stories starting from 1 hour ending to 1 week whichever suits you the best.

2. Notifications sounds will be customized 

You can set notification sound as you want on your snapchat account for different friends so that without even checking your phone you are aware about who has texted you or sent you a snap also, you will get around 7 sounds from which you can select the sound which you want. 

3. Color borders of camera 

You will be able to set customized colored borders which are around your camera view which is unavailable in normal snapchat and this is why the snapchat premium app is different and is something extra for the users. 

4. Pinning your BFF and getting snapchat badge 

Snapchat will let you get the access of pinning one of your friends and with this you will get a badge of snapchat which is a star icon which will come beside your name. 

5. Snapchat+ Badge

As part of a Snapchat+ subscription, you’ll also get a unique star icon next to your Snapchat profile name to indicate that you’re a Snapchat+ subscriber. Others can see your Snapchat+ badge when they visit your profile. We believe the details and information which we have offered to you in this blog has been beneficial for you in all ways, however if you are looking forward to getting access to some additional and reliable information then we would like you to access website on the browser which you use.

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