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7 Social Bookmarking Sites can Help to Boost Website Traffic

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Is Social Bookmarking Submission a Good Way to Increase Your Website Traffic?

The short answer is yes. It can dramatically increase your website traffic, particularly if you use the right tools. Listed below are some of the best ways to make the most of social bookmarking. By following these tips, your website will soon see an increase in visitors. And remember, these tips apply to both websites and blog posts!

The process of social bookmarking increases your website’s authority. The higher the domain authority, the higher the website’s ranking. Social bookmarking sites organize tagged items for easy browsing by topic or popularity. Users can save links to their favorite websites, email them to friends, and search them later. These sites are smart search engines and are available on any device. They are also free. As long as the user has a web-based account, they can sign in from any computer or mobile device.

Among the main benefits of social bookmarking is that you can increase your website traffic by submitting your content to various social bookmarking sites. When you submit your content, people can vote for it and share it with their networks. This is an effective strategy for effective growth. However, it is important to understand that there are best practices when it comes to social bookmarking.

Another advantage of using social bookmarking sites is that it helps your website gain a high ranking on the search engines. By using social bookmarking sites, you can gain traffic from social media and search engines alike. By using social bookmarking sites, you can also increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter and RSS feed. You should also make it easier for your visitors to share your content, and this will help you improve your website traffic.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Pinterest

If you are looking to improve your SEO, you should consider using Pinterest as a source of backlinks. It is a popular social media website, but it is also helpful for building links. Pinterest is the number one site for graphical content distribution. Anyone can use the site and find content on almost any subject.

One of the main benefits of social bookmarking is boosting your PageRank and increasing your number of backlinks. PageRank is a factor in Google’s algorithm for determining what websites are worthy of a click, and a higher PageRank means more traffic and more potential customers. A higher PageRank is good for SEO because it signals a higher quality website, and Google will reward it with a higher ranking.

2. Reddit

If you’ve been wondering how Reddit social bookmarking submission can help you in your SEO campaign, you’re not alone. There are literally thousands of social bookmarking sites available. But only one stands out from the rest. Reddit is unique among these sites in that it has a real community aspect. Not only do users post links on the site, but they also can vote on them, which has a direct effect on their visibility.

When submitting your content to social bookmarking sites, you need to make sure that it is good. Think about what you would want to read. If you don’t enjoy what you’re posting, no one else will either. If people don’t like it, they’ll vote down your submission. That’s why it’s important to make your content valuable to everyone. This way, you’ll get a lot of traffic for minimal effort.

If you’re wondering if Reddit social bookmarking submission is useful for SEO, you can check out your Google Analytics to see whether or not your post has an impact on your site’s traffic. However, if your content is detailed and has good reception, you can expect to see plenty of traffic from Reddit. Getting your content to Reddit is easy, and you can complete the process in four to five simple steps.

3. Slashdot

Slashdot, a popular social bookmarking site, is particularly popular among technology geeks. You can get the latest news stories on science and technology, and it is helpful to business people. You can create an account and submit a story, and you can also submit your link with this story. Slashdot provide the facility of Anonymously Posting.

4. Diiggo

Diiggo is another credible bookmarking site created to share knowledge. Users can submit websites and articles, images, Pdf and Notes. Diiggo is an excellent tool for improving your SEO. The best way to start is to create an account and list your websites. You can sign up with Premium Membership to access premium features, and You can also choose the free plan.

5. Digg

Digg is the most popular news aggregator which provides articles and videos about trending topics. Digg is also a popular social bookmarking site. You can create an account and submit a story or the existing link from your website. Digg has also been providing to download the chrome extension.

6. Pocket

Pocket is a fascinating social bookmarking site. It comes with an app that can download to your smartphone from google play or the apple store. Pocket come with an excellent interface and is easy to use. Pocket has provided the facility of submitting your existing link very quickly as a bookmark. You can also go with Pocket premium plans.

7. Website Directory

Website Directory is a new social bookmarking site that provides the facility to submit a bookmark. It comes with very simple interface. The Website Directory is a collection of the massive amount of websites or services. You can sign in with your google account and submit a story about website or business. And also, you can get free powerful backlinks from the social bookmarking site. The main highlight feature of the Website Directory is that you can write a story and put your website link with your keywords as anchor text. As per SEO rules, an Anchor text backlink is the most potent backlink that can point to your website.


The benefits of social bookmarking are numerous. Social bookmarking is an online tool for bookmarking web addresses. These bookmarks can be shared and accessed from anywhere and are easy to find. You can even apply tags and categorize your bookmarks by category. Some services even allow users to comment and vote on their favorite bookmarks. In addition to boosting your website’s traffic, social bookmarking is a great way to attract more traffic to your website.

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